Top 10 reasons to work with Artisan Furniture:
  1. Handmade from Sustainable Solid Wood– Our products are eco-friendly, ensuring durability and beauty.
  2. Community-based Production – Our factory and community artisanal units craft every piece with care.
  3. Localized Free Delivery – Seamless shipping within the UK mainland, USA, and Germany at no extra charge.
  4. Zero Subscriptions – Shop without the pressure of monthly fees.
  5. No Minimums – Whether it’s one item or a hundred, there’s no order too small or big.
  6. Commitment-free – Experience shopping without yearly or monthly commitments.
  7. 2,000 product designs, offering something for everyone.
  8. Fair and Transparent – Policies We uphold clear standards and practices for your peace of mind.
  9. Tiered Pricing – Flexible pricing options to fit various budgets without compromising on quality.
  10. Tailored for You – Our bespoke product development facility caters to your unique needs.
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Get acquainted with all facets of our business

Our Identity: Dive into our roots! We’re not just a business; we’re a community-driven, socially responsible B Corp enterprise. Our pride lies in handcrafting sustainable solid wood furniture that tells a story. Our business has been featured on Forbes, mentored by Goldman Sachs x Oxford University and we are working with Harvard University alumni to optimize carbon footprint and work on a method to audit all aspects of our green supply chain.

Syncing Made Simple:With Artisan Furniture, syncing products is a breeze. We provide 6 seamless methods to integrate our catalogue with your website or prominent sales platforms, including Shopify.

Why Choose Us: Discover the top 10 compelling reasons that make partnering with us a game-changer.

  1. Elevated Purpose: Dive into our unique identity as an ‘Artisan Marketplace’ driven by purpose, community, and undeniable social responsibility.
  2. Craftsmanship at its Peak: Every product tells a story, handcrafted by adept artisans using ethically &and sustainably sourced materials.
  3. Innovative Eco-Commitment: Harnessing artificial intelligence, we optimise and reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring eco-conscious operations.
  4. Diverse Catalogue: Explore a myriad of product SKUs, from luxury furniture and furnishings to chic home decor and essential accessories for all the home.
  5. Unparalleled Flexibility: Freedom in orders! No constraints on minimum order quantity or value.
  6. Perks of UK Shipping: Experience the convenience of free delivery across the UK mainland.
  7. Zero Inventory Hassles: No stock holding, no investment in warehousing, importation, or product development. We’ve got it all handled!
  8. Global Supply Chain Mastery: We have a holistic approach to supply chain management, boasting our own manufacturing communities in NW India and strategic storage facilities in Ipswich, New Jersey and Lich in Germany.
  9. Freedom in Trade: With us, you’re never bound. No monthly or annual commitments, just seamless collaboration.
  10. Gateway to Global Markets: Access the vast EU and US markets effortlessly with our localized fulfillmentcenters primed for cross-border deliveries.

More About Us: Get familiar with our company policies – they’re crafted keeping you in mind.

In our commitment to unwavering transparency, we urge you to immerse yourself in the depth of our operations. Dive into the footnote links – they serve as your compass to a wealth of detailed insights, from our Terms of Service and organizational hierarchy to Escalation Procedures. Understand our dedication as a B2B entity and recognize the responsibilities that come with your B2C role. Equip yourself with knowledge, and together, let’s set the gold standard in partnership. 

New Products and Deals:

In our dedication to curating contemporary and in-demand designs, we frequently conduct global expeditions to identify and source the latest trends. For those interested in consistently rejuvenating their catalogue, it is prudent to explore the ‘New‘ section of our website. Additionally, discerning marketers should remain attentive to our time-sensitive ‘Deals’. These promotional offerings, besides presenting exceptional value, are tactically introduced to facilitate the efficient allocation of space and resources for the upcoming product inclusions.


With our exclusive Bespoke Program, you can truly make each piece your own, unleash your creativity and work closely with our expert craftsmen to design a unique piece from scratch. Love something in our catalogue? Make it truly yours by customizing its features. Range of customisation available: Colour, Style, Finish, Size and Design.

Tiered Pricing and Volume Discount:

For customers interested in placing orders of a larger volume, we provide an incentivized structure. Our tiered pricing system is designed specifically to cater to varying scales of demand across three distinct platforms. This tiered approach extends across our drop-ship, trade, and wholesale operations. Comprehensive details about this pricing structure and the associated benefits can be accessed on our online platform.

Click and Collect:

For those with operations in close proximity, we offer a click-and-collect service. By choosing this method, you not only benefit froma variable discount off our regular dropship prices but also gain the flexibility of collecting your order using your preferred vehicle, be it a car or van, at a time that suits you best. Click and Collect is available on orders of 10 or more pieces.


Empower your business by transcending boundaries, all without the hassles of stock management, importation, storage, or administrative overheads. Elevate your offerings to both the US and European Union markets.

  • US Market Expansion: Explore the vast American terrain by leveraging our localized New Jersey fulfillment centre, poised to offer complimentary delivery across all 50 states. Dive into the details at
  • European Union Market Amplification: Seamlessly venture into the EU market with the support of our specialized Lich-based fulfillment centre, ensuring free deliveries throughout all 16 statesin Germany. Unravel the possibilities at

Automated Returns: Navigate the smooth roads of our returns management system.

While we take pride in offering complimentary collections upon approval, we strongly urge you to delve into the intricacies of our returns policy. Equip yourself with a comprehensive understanding, ensuring that every transaction is smooth and beneficial for all involved. Stand empowered with knowledge, ensuring a seamless partnership with Artisan Furniture using our artificial intelligence-based system called Flo. 

Full Container Load Program:

At the heart of our operations is a comprehensive supply chain management system that spans from our dedicated factory in Jaipur, India, all the way to our fulfillment centers in Lich and New Jersey. For businesses equipped with the capacity and infrastructure to handle direct container shipments from our factory, we offer a specialized program tailored to your needs. Please approach us for detailed information on this program.

It’s essential to understand that our Container Load Program is selective and by invitation only. This exclusivity is in place to ensure a seamless and optimal experience for all parties involved. Our in-depth vetting process requires the submission of essential documentation, such as your Company Registration Number, VAT number, Tax ID, among others. Our primary goal is to cultivate a secure and mutually beneficial partnership for both entities.

We look forward to a successful trading relationship with you. If you have any questions whatsoever, then please do not hesitate to make contact and we will go through anything you wish to discuss.

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