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Wholesale Container Load Service

How our Wholesale Program works

Artisan Furniture is the trading name for Global Vision Direct Limited, registered at First Floor, Roxburghe House 273 – 287, Regent Street London W1B 2HA, Registered in UK. Company Registration Number 07421550. VAT Number 108 6081 27. We have our own factory based in Jaipur, India where we manufacture and ship out all of our products.

Please carefully read the below document to check and understand if you qualify for our ‘Wholesale Program’

Qualifying Criteria to be a member of our Wholesale Program

  • You MUST have a registered business or be a business owner and you must have a TAX ID, Registration Number or  a VAT number
  • You MUST have the resources to buy a minimum of a 20ft container (minimum order value £10,000) or a 40ft container (minimum order value £16,000) or equivalent to your currency
  • You MUST have the room to give clear access to the container and be in a position to store a minimum of 50CBM worth of floor space  on the business premises
  • You can expect your shipment to be delivered within a lead time of 12-16 weeks direct to your shipping address.


Limitations to our Wholesale Program

  • Restrictions in regards to the value and volume apply
  • This program is for more mature business’
  • 12-16 week delivery


If you qualify for the above criteria, please see the advantages and further information below. If you do not qualify for the above criteria then you may wish to opt for our drop-ship program, in which there are no restrictions (No minimum order for value or volume), you may create an account for the drop-ship program at https://www.artisanfurniture.net/customer/account/create/  


Advantages of being a member of our Wholesale Program

Pricing – up to 50% price advantage

Once you sign up on Artisan Furniture you can have access to the trade prices, please note these are trade prices in pound sterling. Once you shortlist the products, we would be in a position to offer you wholesale prices, which can be lowered by up to 50% off the trade prices. The percentage reduction will depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • Volume of your order (20ft or 40ft HC container)
  • Delivery Country
  • If you want the products port delivered (FOB) or door delivered


Currency Choices and Payment Terms (Deposit and Payment)

We require a 30% deposit, at the time of the confirmation of your order, and the balance payment needs to be organised 7 days before delivery of the shipment. The currency options for the Wholesale program are Pound Sterling (£) American Dollars (US$) as well as Euros (€).

All payments need to be made through Bank-to-Bank/Wire transfer, into the respective accounts based on the currency of your choice.

Where do we ship?

We accept worldwide deliveries. All of our products are shipped out from our Jaipur based factory, in India and we use the Mundra Port, for all the export shipments, and the invoicing is done by our team which is based in London.


As a member of our wholesale program you qualify for unlimited customisation on all of our products and services, some of which are listed below:

  • Changes in design, or style
  • Changes in finish or colour of the product
  • Changes in fabric or material
  • Changes in the dimensions
  • Changing in packaging plan (e.g. bespoke labeling etc)
  • We also accept design ideas and inspirations from business’ to be developed as final products



Choice A


Choice B Worldwide


Global Vision

Global Vision


40ft container load order

20ft container load order

Minimum Order Value



Around £10,000

Delivery & VAT

Inclusive of Delivery and ex-VAT

Inclusive of Delivery and ex-VAT

Anticipated Quantity

250+ pieces

70-100 pieces


67-70 CBM

27-29 CBM




Production & Delivery Lead Times

12-16 weeks

12-16 weeks

Payment Term

Deposit 30% and balance 7 days before delivery

Deposit 30% and balance 7 days before delivery

Payment Mode

Bank to Bank Internet Transfer available in Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euro.

Bank to Bank Internet Transfer Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euro.


Step by Step Guide for the Wholesale Program

  1. Shortlist any product on our website and specify the quantities you would like
  2. Our factory will revert back with a worksheet and proforma invoice highlighting the wholesale prices, delivery cost (if applicable) volume of the shipment, etc
  3. Optimisation of the volume needs to be done, to ensure the container is a complete 20ft or 40ft HC
  4. Organize a 30% deposit once you confirm the proforma invoice 
  5. The Jaipur based factory will then take your order into production and regular updates about the production/shipment status will be provided
  6. We will share the commercial invoice with your business to organise the balance payment in due course
  7. Once the payment is received, we will then share the shipping documents with the shipping agents handling your shipment, which includes the invoice, packing list, certification of origin, fumigation certificate and BOL
  8. A day, date, time and delivery point is confirmed by yourself and passed onto the shipping agents for delivery