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News provided by Amit Basu on September 24, 2023

Furniture Brands Innovate to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

Coping with Delays and Bottlenecks

The past two years have seen major turmoil for wholesale furniture retailers as global supply chain issues, port congestion, and skyrocketing shipping costs led to substantial delays and backlogs. With furniture’s bulk and size, pivoting to air freight was not feasible like in other industries.

Furniture brands have responded creatively to adapt in this challenging climate:

  • Many established production facilities near key markets to minimize shipping costs and delays.
  • Digitally-native Interior Define developed an on-demand production cycle, removing the need for excess inventory storage.
  • Retail giant Castlery recently opened a large New Jersey warehouse to increase stockpiles and buffer against bottlenecks.
  • Strategically located decentralized warehouses enable faster delivery times.

Relying on Partnerships

Partnerships also assist retailers in preparing for unpredictable delays. At the pandemic’s onset, Interior Define partnered with key service providers to prevent customer frustrations from resulting hassles. As Chief Supply Chain Officer William Savage explained, “The challenges further reinforced working with the right partners and building in flexibility to source products closer to home.”

What’s Next?

Will supply chain issues dissipate anytime soon? That remains hard to predict. But technology and creative solutions can help furniture brands satisfy customers despite the industry’s historically long lead times. The industry is adapting to steer clear of logistics nightmares, with satisfying consumers remaining priority one.


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Amit Basu

Amit Basu, founder of Artisan Furniture, is a visionary entrepreneur with a global outlook. Originally from India, Basu is now a British citizen who remains an active presence worldwide through his varied business interests. He holds an MBA in International Marketing Management along with a specialization from the London School of Economics. Basu immigrated to the UK under the British Government's Entrepreneurial Visa program, which is granted to exceptional entrepreneurs. This background demonstrates Basu's business acumen and drive.

Today, Basu's company Global Vision Direct Ltd T/A Artisan Furniture features an expansive "white label" portfolio with a diverse, widespread customer base. Artisan Furniture has a presence in over 6 overseas markets, alongside an efficient factory-to-doorstep delivery service.

Moreover, Artisan Furniture was handpicked by Goldman Sachs, in collaboration with Oxford University's Saïd Business School, for the prestigious 10K Small Business Programme. This elite initiative identifies promising small businesses globally, providing them with tools for growth. Artisan Furniture's selection indicates its strong potential for both short and long-term success under Basu's leadership. Additionally, Basu was chosen for the Forbes Business Council, which connects small and medium entrepreneurs to facilitate networking, skills development, and visibility. These recognitions highlight the strength of Artisan Furniture's business model guided by Basu's strategic vision.

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