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Dropship Furniture Program

Quality handmade dropshipping furniture delivered direct to your customer’s door within 3 working days. Our service is entirely white labelled: neither our contact details nor branding appear on any order notifications, packaging or delivery notes. No Minimum Order Restrictions and FREE Delivery within the UK Mainland in 3 Working Days

Wholesale Furniture Program

Avail yourself of up to 50% off the listed trade prices by opting for direct delivery from the factory under our wholesale program, available worldwide in Pound Sterling, American Dollars & Euro. Wholesale Restrictions apply.

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This is a model perfect for quantities that are more than dropship, but not quite enough to qualify for containerised wholesale. With click and collect, you can simply collect small lots of goods (10+ pieces) from our Ipswich DC, and transport them to your clients – hence saving on shipping costs and giving you back control over your business.

We’re bringing to you an excellent, rare opportunity to acquire our new products at slashed prices. These are either due to our overstocking, or they’re end of the line products — you can be sure none of these are being discounted due to quality concerns. Once this batch of products is sold, we’ll either discontinue them or bring them back at standard prices. Happy hunting!

These are products not stocked at our Ipswich storage unit, but which we can make to order in our factory. They are made to exactly the same high standard as our stocked products and there is still no minimum order quantity. Please remember to allow 12 weeks for delivery.

While our products are absolutely perfect and require no changes ever, we recognise that you may wish to customise some furniture to match your customers’ tastes. Due to Artisan owning our factory in Jaipur, India, you can modify our products – and even create new ones!

As one of the UK's leading furniture at wholesale, dropship & trade suppliers

We aim to provide everything you need to make your business a success.


10% off on orders over £1000

Looking for a new way to sell furniture?

We’re in the business of helping people make money online, while providing the public with a product that’s as delightful as it is affordable.That’s why we created Dropship Furniture – a program that gives you access to thousands of products with no minimum order and FREE shipping within the UK Mainland. It’s perfect for both new start-ups or established companies who want to sell furniture without having to hold any stock themselves. There is an extra 10% discount if you spend £1000 before taxes, giving you extra profit if you have a customer who wants, for example, a completely new look for their dining room. There is no commitment to any annual spend! 


Up to 25% off dropship prices

Do you have your own storage area and want to do your own deliveries?

Trade Furniture is a program that has been designed to help companies who have their own storage area and want to do their own deliveries. This means that companies have more control over their supply chain and have more flexibility over the means of production. It is also a great help to ‘bricks and mortar’ customers who want to take stock which their customers can buy off the shop floor. In addition, you can take advantage of the higher discounts if you have a larger project, for example a hotel, or interior design project. We can then deliver the order directly from our warehouse or direct to the address of your customer. There is no commitment to repeated orders.


Up to 50% off dropship prices

Are you looking to purchase furniture at wholesale?

Our Furniture at Wholesale program is specifically for large customers who can take and pay for a full container of stock at one time. The higher discounts can provide more margin on the selling price or can be used to offset the storage costs, offering you the flexibility needed to run an import based furniture business. You then have the comfort of knowing your own stock levels. It can also be used for any customer who is quoting for a specific large project. For example, you may be successful in bidding for a full refurbishment of a hotel. 

Manufacturers & Suppliers of furniture at wholesale prices

Wholesaling is the sale of goods in containers. They are sold to furniture stores who have a lot of space and can take them. Artisan Furniture design a wide range of furniture products and are wholesalers.

The wholesale furniture program is one of the most flexible and economical programs available. When you order, your product comes from Jaipur, India. Your pieces are all handmade by skilled artisans and there are lots of savings because you buy in bulk.

The wholesale program offers two styles of pricing to the market. You can buy the furniture and home accessories directly from the factory, or it can be delivered to your post code in any part of the world including the UK. The price is cheaper by up to 50% as compared to sourcing it through a dropship wholesaler.

Furniture can be finished or altered, depending on the choice of the customer. This means that you can customise your choices to meet your needs. For example, you may want to alter the width or depth. You can customise what kind of fabric materials are used in the product and even what colour it is!

Artisan is a manufacturer and distributor. This makes it so that the company does not have to pay anyone else in the supply chain. This means that we can pass our savings on to you and offer a lower price than other companies. Contact us if you require high value contract and furniture for hotels 

Over 1000 different products are offered in the wholesale program, and they include a variety of products such as office desks, chesterfield sofas, bedside tables, dining tables, bar stools, bookcases, beds ( without mattresses) and mirrors. You can also customize your knobs on drawers and door handles.

Dropship Furniture Products

Dropshipping is a supply chain method in which the product is shipped directly from manufacturer to any customer area. The seller either has an online or brick and mortar furniture store, but they don’t handle any item- instead you place orders with them through dropshippers ecommerce site like Ebay, Amazon or Shopify then have Artisan Furniture ship it to customer homes when its ready! Search the web site for living room and bedroom furniture such as storage chests, display units, coffee tables, cabinets, dining chairs, wardrobes and sideboards.

Drop-shipping can be a great experience for entrepreneurs to expand their business model without holding the inventory themselves. By working with an external supplier, you don’t need any product samples or expensive manufacturing plants in order to get started! The best part about drop shipping is that since retailers aren’t storing anything at all – they just ship what was ordered by customers straight out of our warehouse 10 miles away (Felixstowe).

One of the biggest advantages to working with Artisan furniture within our dropship program is that they own manufacturing units in Jaipur, India. This means it’s a simple and linear supply chain; covering British designed products made by Indian artisans directly for delivery at their distribution centre which will then be sent on last mile (consumer) delivery straight-to you!

Drop shipping is a program that’s open to all businesses, regardless of whether they are VAT-registered or company headquartered. The benefits? No storage required means drop shippers have an easier time marketing and managing inventory while you don’t have space constraints at home!

Artisan Furniture has its own manufacturing units, which means it’s possible to offer bespoke as well as on-demand products. You can make changes based on colour or finish desired by the customer tailored specifically for them!

Retailers have the option of placing an order on back-order for a product that is not in stock, or they can wait with anticipation. If it’s available later then other customers will get priority when their turn comes around depending upon how long you’ve been waiting and what type of order placement was made (i.e., if placed by phone vs online). When there isn’t any new merchandise coming out fast enough retailers sometimes need longer delivery time lines which are called “On Demand” products so this makes sure everyone has equal access at all times!

Furniture at trade only prices

Artisan Furniture offers a large selection of furniture to the trade and is considered an online supplier for traditional as well contemporary furniture. They cover solid wood dining table, media units, console tables with different types of fabrics from cotton velvet items iron-plating etcetera 

They also have many other things such as bedside table sets or writing desk sets available in order make sure that our customers are able not only find what they need but get it at affordable prices.

Artisan Furniture is a one-stop shop for furniture and gifts. The company offers products from all over the world, with an office in London as well as distribution centres located throughout Europe and Asia to ensure fast delivery time no matter where you live!

It’s easy to buy from the UK’s leading online furniture retailer. You can choose between a palette or van load, depending on your volume of purchases and we will ship it over for you!

If you are a business with an order of £750 or more, we offer our trade customers access to the entire catalogue. This includes 1500 products that span furniture and giftware!

Do you prefer longer delivery times? If so, the bespoke option might be a good choice. This will give buyers the opportunity to customise products per their own convenience and make changes in size or fabric before they are made-to order at an upholstery factory with 12+ week lead time on normal orders.

As we have a distribution centre in Ipswich, most of our products are stocked and ready for delivery. If you’re interested in on-demand shipping this is possible but there will be longer lead times as the product comes from factory overseas.

Are you looking for a new furniture supplier? Register today to view our trade prices

Trade is available for businesses who are able to commit to £2500 (excluding tax and carriage charges) per order therefore can avail up to 25% off the standard drop-ship prices. No monthly or annual commitment is required.

In order to provide our customers with the choice of ordering products from outside the UK – we are pleased to announce a worldwide delivery service by Artisan Furniture. This service will cover Europe as well as the rest of the World. Europe will be covered by road while rest of the world will be covered by Air.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Artisan Furniture is pleased to announce an assortment of collections with renowned British homestyle consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. You may know him from the BBCs Changing Rooms or his role as a judge on the ITV reality series Popstar to Operastar. Wherever you know him from, it’s undeniable that LLB has been a brilliant force in British home design for over two decades, and we couldn’t be happier to work with him to produce this masterful, whimsical and occasionally outrageous collection of quintessentially LLB furniture. In his own words, the collection is “warm, witty, highly educated and addictively elegant with roots in the aristocratic glamour of British Good Taste”.
”It’s taken quite a lot of coaxing to get me under the Changing Rooms banner once more, but nothing like as much coaxing as it’s going to take to squeeze those leather trousers back on.”
No longer does expansive opulence have to be out of reach, LUX brings to you the brilliant work of one of Britain’s foremost home designers paired with the unique, personal handicraft of Artisan Furniture.

The floral elegance of Avanti, the sleek geometrical lines of Riva, the ethereal designs of Leonardo, the inspiring simplicity of Bazaar, the solar inspired crafts of Nero, the outrageous brass opulence of Verandah, and finally the Greco-Roman artistry of the wall mounted Palazzo, all under the umbrella of LUX.

Only at Artisan Furniture. Available for all three formats of our online sales program covering dropship, wholesale as well as e-commerce.

Drop Ship Guide

Are you looking for a new business opportunity?
The Artisan Furniture Dropship Guide is the perfect place to start. We've compiled everything you need to know about starting your own dropshipping business, including how to find products, what tools are necessary, and more. You can use this guide as a reference point for your journey into entrepreneurship or just read it cover-to-cover! It's an easy way to get started with dropshipping without all the trial and error.
This book will teach you everything you need to know about starting your own successful dropshipping business from scratch - no matter where in the world you live! Whether you want to learn how other people have done it or if there is something specific that interests you, this book has got it covered. There are also plenty of resources available on our website so check them out too! And don't forget - we offer free UK mainland shipping. What better time than now? Start today with our comprehensive guidebook!
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