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Amit Basu – Over 25 years experience in Wholesale and Furniture Manufacturing.

Amit Basu, is a British citizen and Educated at the London School of Economics, is the founder of Artisan Furniture UK (Artisan Furniture is located in Westminster, close to the houses of parliament London), a socially conscious online furniture platform supporting artisanal communities worldwide. Amit’s entrepreneurial journey began in Jaipur, India, in 1995, with his furniture imports and exports business. Under Amit’s leadership, Artisan Furniture has transformed into a thriving digital enterprise, empowering both artisans and retailers affected by internet sales. With over two decades of experience in the furniture and home decor industry, Amit has been recognised by prestigious programmes in the United Kngdom like Goldman Sachs’ 10K Small Business Programme and the Forbes Business Council. Connect with Amit on [LinkedIn], [Twitter], and [Facebook].

Amit in London creates a perfect online hospitality business by providing exclusive product discounts to retailers who order larger quantities, minimizing cost through strategic shipping and maintaining optimal stock levels.

To demonstrate Artisan Furniture’s expertise and trustworthiness, the website showcases customer reviews, industry awards, and third-party endorsements, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and community empowerment.

Find 5 common furniture Wholesale questions

1. What are the benefits of buying clearance wholesale furniture?

By buying clearance Wholesale Furniture, you can enjoy several benefits, including finding amazing deals on affordable home essentials. These sales provide excellent opportunities to snap up high-quality furniture that needs to be sold swiftly at bargain prices. Thus, it's a smart way of obtaining sophisticated pieces while keeping costs low.

2. Where can I find reputable Wholesale Furniture suppliers in the UK?

To source respected Wholesale Furniture suppliers in the UK, explore digital directories or network at industry events. Just be sure to conduct your due diligence beforehand! Opt for partners with a solid reputation in the field, positive reviews from satisfied clients and an extensive selection of premium-quality furnishings.

3. What criteria do furniture Wholesalers have for trade-only customers?

Furniture Wholesalers frequently set forth certain eligibility criteria for their trade-only clientele. These qualifications might involve holding a valid business registration, furnishing evidence of trade association affiliation, or fulfilling predetermined purchase minimums. By implementing exclusive trade arrangements, wholesalers are able to serve the specific demands of companies operating in this field.

4. What distinguishes luxury Furniture Wholesalers in the UK from others?

For discerning customers in the UK there are a variety of luxury Furniture Wholesalers that offer exquisite furnishings. These Wholesalers prioritize high end designs crafted with premium materials and exceptional skill. Through their focus on exclusivity they provide one of a kind pieces that can truly elevate any sophisticated space.

5. How can I source cheap furniture wholesale in the UK without compromising quality?

If you are searching for reasonably-priced Wholesale furniture in the UK area while still desiring good quality pieces, achieving an equilibrium is critical. Start by delving into reputable vendors who offer affordable prices; explore multiple choices before making any purchase decisions; review factors like durability or material utilization as well as customer ratings to ensure utmost value for your investment.

Read More: Wholesale Furniture Suppliers: Trade Discounts, Bulk Orders, and Supplier Relationships

DropShipping Program
Quality, handmade dropshipping furniture that’s delivered to customers within three working days. All deliveries come with a white-label experience: neither the contact information nor branding appears on any personal communications, packaging or shipping labels.

We promise to deliver the product you have ordered within three working days, and no minimum order quantity fees at all.

Is it possible to dropship artisan furniture to Europe or the USA?

Yes, it is possible to dropship artisan furniture to Europe or the USA. We have expanded our operations especially in the USA and can now ship stock to all states with no shipping fees.

Does Artisan Furniture do drop shipping?

Yes, Artisan Furniture does do drop shipping. Artisan sell home decor and wood furniture manufactured at their own factory in India. They also buy discontinued lines from other suppliers before they sell them through their own website. The company can provide products on sale, with markdown pricing. Still regarded as one of the leading wholesale bedroom furniture suppliers we also sell home decor and wooden furniture accessories on their website and help people find additional design inspiration.

Interior Designers

We know that as designers, you must generate revenue in addition to your design fee. We provide discounts on our furniture, which will be delivered to you personally.


Whether you’re just starting out or have experience, we work with both online-only and conventional retailers. To help you sell more, we can provide stock or dropshipping services.

Property Developers & Landlords

Houses that are furnished sell more effectively. To help you sell your development or rent your property faster and for a higher price, we can offer fully designed furniture packages for homes and apartments.

Wholesale Program

Avail yourself of up to 50% off the listed trade prices by opting for direct home delivery from the warehouse under our wholesale program, available worldwide in £ Pound Sterling, $ American Dollars & € Euro. Wholesale Restrictions apply. Artisan aim to be the leading supplier in the UK for small business and shop owners. Providing a wide range Bedroom, Living & Dining Room furniture in classic and contemporary designs. We have been supplying interior design companies and store owners since 1995, we are based in London, UK and can ship worldwide. Supplying mattress shop owners with associated home furnishings and home accessories.

Decorative Home Decor Wholesalers

A Furniture Wholesaler is a businesses that sell interiors and home decor to other businesses, rather than to individual consumers. These businesses typically buy interiors in large quantities from manufacturers and then sell it to retailers, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial customers. Wholesalers often have showrooms where customers can see and touch the products before making a purchase. Some also operate online stores.

Free Delivery to:

  • All USA States
  • 27 Countries in Europe
  • Nationwide UK Mainland Including:
Greater LondonLondon
West MidlandsWest Midlands
Greater ManchesterNorth West
West YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber
HampshireSouth East
KentSouth East
EssexEast of England
LancashireNorth West
MerseysideNorth West
South YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber
SurreySouth East
DevonSouth West
HertfordshireEast of England
NottinghamshireEast Midlands
North YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber
North East
Tyne & WearNorth East
StaffordshireWest Midlands
LincolnshireEast Midlands
CheshireNorth West
DerbyshireEast Midlands
LeicestershireEast Midlands
SomersetSouth West
BerkshireSouth East
GloucestershireSouth West
NorfolkEast of England
County DurhamNorth East
West SussexSouth East
CambridgeshireEast of England
East SussexSouth East
BuckinghamshireSouth East
SuffolkEast of England
DorsetSouth West
NorthamptonshireEast Midlands
WiltshireSouth West
OxfordshireSouth East
BedfordshireEast of England
East Riding of YorkshireYorkshire and the Humber
WorcestershireWest Midlands
WarwickshireWest Midlands
CornwallSouth West
CumbriaNorth West
ShropshireWest Midlands
BristolSouth West
NorthumberlandNorth East
HerefordshireWest Midlands
Isle of WightSouth East
RutlandEast Midlands

What are the benefits of buying wholesale furniture?

Buying wholesale can offer several benefits, including cost savings and easier inventory management. When you purchase furniture in bulk from a wholesaler, you can often get a lower per-item price compared to buying retail. This can be especially beneficial if you are buying furniture for a business or if you are planning to furnish multiple rooms or properties. Wholesale furniture purchases may also come with additional perks, such as free shipping, extended warranties, or expedited order processing. In terms of inventory management, buying wholesale can allow you to keep a larger supply of furniture on hand or to quickly replace worn or damaged items without having to search for matching pieces or wait for special orders to be fulfilled. Overall, buying wholesale can be a cost-effective and efficient way to furnish your home or business.

What is a wholesaler in furniture?

As the name suggests, a wholesaler in furniture is a business that purchases furniture items in bulk from manufacturers, distributors or other sources, and then sells those items to retailers, interior designers or other customers at a marked-up price. Wholesalers typically purchase large quantities of furniture items in order to benefit from economies of scale and obtain lower prices, which they can then pass on to their customers. In addition to selling furniture items in bulk, wholesalers may also offer other services such as warehousing, delivery, and financing to their customers. By working with wholesalers, retailers and other customers can access a wide range of furniture products at competitive prices, without having to deal directly with manufacturers or distributors.

Is it possible to dropship artisan furniture to Europe or the USA?

Yes, it is possible to dropship artisan furniture to Europe or the USA, we have taken away the complex process that requires careful planning and coordination. Some factors to consider when dropshipping artisan furniture included the cost of shipping, customs and import fees, and the logistics of handling and delivering large and often fragile items. Our mission is to be a reliable suppliers and ensure we are able to deliver high-quality products on a consistent basis. If you are interested in dropshipping artisan furniture, it may be helpful to create a trade account so we can help you navigate the process and ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

Wholesalers offering a range of living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, halls, and study furnishings

At Artisan, we take pride in offering an extensive and unparalleled selection of wholesale furniture in the UK. Our furniture collections are carefully crafted to suit all interior styles, whether it’s for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or study. From modern and contemporary designs to classical and traditional styles, we offer it all.

Our range of wholesale furniture is not only diverse but also of exceptional quality. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, which is why we offer an extensive selection that meets the highest standards. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something simple yet elegant, we have the perfect option for you.

We understand that furnishing your home can be overwhelming, which is why we aim to make the process as seamless as possible. Our experienced team is always on hand to provide you with expert advice and help you choose the furniture that best meets your needs. At Artisan, we’re more than just a furniture supplier, we’re your partner in creating a home that is both comfortable and stylish.

Interior bed room & living room furniture wholesale uk

At Artisan, we take pride in offering our customers the best. That’s why we’re known for bringing in quality furniture items that don’t break the bank. Our customers love it and keep coming back for more!

We believe that quality and affordability should go hand in hand. That’s why we’re always searching for the latest and greatest furniture designs that are sure to impress. Our customers agree, and our collections are consistently among their favorites. Our ranges offer a wide variety of individual pieces such as wholesale beds, wardrobes, display units, stools, and cabinets. You’ll find much more to choose from as well, so you can create the perfect look for your home. Our amazing selection of modern and contemporary pieces. But our furniture isn’t just for homeowners – it’s also perfect for renovation teams and hotels looking to upgrade their interiors.

When you shop with us, you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best. Our furniture ranges are not only high in quality but also competitively priced. So why settle for less when you can have it all with us?


Contemporary art often challenges traditional boundaries, blending diverse mediums and cultural influences to produce innovative expressions.

Artisan Furniture, as a contemporary UK wholesaler, offers an extensive selection of products online that help businesses create perfect interior designs. With quality items sourced from India and reputable service, customers enjoy competitive prices on Wholesale furniture for a wide variety of rooms. Their dropshipping trade facilitates efficient shipping and order processing, making it seamless for retailers to elevate their business decor.

Quality solid items, designed for home rooms, sell at competitive prices.

As an adaptable UK-based furniture wholesaler, Artisan streamlines the process of purchasing high-quality contemporary pieces online. With a wide selection ranging from solid wood to interior décor items, our user-friendly platform offers bulk prices and efficient delivery services worldwide for retailers' convenience. Wholesale furniture can indeed enhance the quality and appeal of hotels and other hospitality businesses. By obtaining items directly from reputable suppliers, you save on costs while accessing a wide array of well-designed, high-quality furnishings. This allows for more attractive interiors and improved customer satisfaction in your establishment.

artisan drop ship furniture uk
artisan furniture uk

Dropship Program

dropship program
10% off on orders over £1000

Looking for a new way to sell furniture?

We’re in the business of helping people make money online, while providing the public with a product that’s as delightful as it is affordable.That’s why we created Dropship Furniture – a program that gives you access to thousands of products with no minimum order and FREE shipping within the UK Mainland. It’s perfect for both new start-ups or established companies who want to sell furniture without having to hold any stock themselves. There is an extra 10% discount if you spend £1000 before taxes, giving you extra profit if you have a customer who wants, for example, a completely new look for their dining room. There is no commitment to any annual spend! 

Trade Program

Man pondering by window in sunlit vintage office.
Up to 25% off dropship prices

Do you have your own storage area?

Trade Furniture is a program that has been designed to help companies who have their own storage area and want to do their own deliveries. This means that companies have more control over their supply chain and have more flexibility over the means of production. It is also a great help to ‘bricks and mortar’ customers who want to take stock which their customers can buy off the shop floor. In addition, you can take advantage of the higher discounts if you have a larger project, for example a hotel, or interior design project. We can then deliver the order directly from our warehouse or direct to the address of your customer. There is no commitment to repeated orders.

Wholesale Program

Woman working on laptop in cozy home interior.
Up to 50% off dropship prices

Looking to purchase furniture at wholesale?

Our Wholesale program is specifically for large customers who can take and pay for a full container of stock at one time. The higher discounts can provide more margin on the selling price or can be used to offset the storage costs, offering you the flexibility needed to run an import based furniture business. You then have the comfort of knowing your own stock levels. It can also be used for any customer who is quoting for a specific large project. For example, you may be successful in bidding for a full refurbishment of a hotel. 

furniture wholesale usa suppliers
wholesale usa
FREE Delivery USA Dropship Program Available to all 50 US states; through our localised fulfilment centre in New Jersey, US
furniture wholesale europa
germany europe
FREE Delivery Germany Dropship Program Available to all 16 federal states; through our localised fulfilment centre in Lich, Germany
europe wholesale and dropshipping products
eu flag
FREE delivery to all 27 EU countries from our Germany fulfilment centre
Coming May 2024!
Depart from old-school 3PLs and enter the era of Dropship+ by blending fulfilment service and change of mind returns with free carriage and advanced low-carbon footprint storage ‘BUCKET’ options

World’s first artisan marketplace

Artisan Furniture one of the UK's leading Trade, Dropship & Wholesale furniture suppliers
Providing everything you need to make your business a success

A single customer account will give you the
flexibility to move between Dropship, Trade or Wholesale when needed


To create an artisan ecosystem showcasing products to global businesses, thereby creating inclusive and prosperous communities


To build a global platform for artisanal products, thereby creating prosperity for communities and value for businesses, using technology, scalability, and reach

Core Values

Artisan Furniture is built on the values of compassion, communal welfare, teamwork and diversity

leading uk wholesaling dropshipping suppliers
best uk wholesaling dropshipping
Artisan Furniture is linking northwestern Indian artisans and global businesses through a sustainable, tech-powered marketplace — fostering community upliftment while engaging in responsible forestry.

Discover our B Corp certification story in Forbes by following this link

Read the complete assessment here

goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Programme

Business has been handpicked by Goldman Sachs, in collaboration with Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, for mentoring and support through their elite 10K Small Business Programme.
This programme identifies the most promising small businesses across the world and gives them the tools necessary to grow — so expect great strides from Artisan in both the short and long term future.

Roundtable on Sustainability

Artisan Furniture ignites the pioneering roundtable at the House of Lords, charting the course for ‘Sustainable Supply Chains and Green Financing’.

This endeavour, while anchoring the UK-India trade nexus, unveils robust industry-government partnerships, nurturing a sustainable global commerce frontier. Read More

These are products not stocked at our Ipswich storage unit, but which we can make to order in our factory. They are made to exactly the same high standard as our stocked products and there is still no minimum order quantity. Please remember to allow 12 weeks for delivery.

While our products are absolutely perfect and require no changes ever, we recognise that you may wish to customise some furniture to match your customers’ tastes. Due to Artisan owning our factory in Jaipur, India, you can modify our products – and even create new ones!

In order to provide our customers with the choice of ordering products from outside the UK – we are pleased to announce a worldwide delivery service by Artisan Furniture. This service will cover Europe as well as the rest of the World. Europe will be covered by road while rest of the world will be covered by Air.

Dropshipping Made Easy. Your Complete Guide.

An in-depth guide to dropshipping, with insights gained from 20 years of experience as a British retailer and their customers.

This guide is intended to be a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to learn about dropshipping. It will walk you through the entire process of establishing your business, finding suppliers, creating products and marketing—all while avoiding common mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs.

Unlike the “get rich quick” schemes so pervasive on the Internet, dropshipping is a legal business option that anyone can pursue from home.

Devraj Choudhary

Chief Artisan Officer, joined the company in 1998 as an 18-year-old from the Barmer county of Rajasthan, in the northwest of India, and has been instrumental in managing our vast community of artisans ever since.
chief artisan officer
wholesalers furniture trade only
wholesale market room furniture
trade wholesaling products uk
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