Artisan Furniture UK Dropshipping Service for Small Businesses

LONDON, UK (September 28, 2023) – Artisan Furniture UK, a leading supplier of artisanal and bespoke furniture, announced today the expansion of its new dropshipping service designed specifically for small businesses. Dropshipping allows small businesses to expand their product offerings without having to buy and hold inventory.

With Artisan Furniture’s new service, small retailers can access the company’s extensive catalogue of handcrafted furniture and offer it on their own ecommerce stores. Once an order is placed through a retailer’s website, Artisan Furniture will ship the product directly to the customer on the retailer’s behalf. This allows small businesses to capitalize on Artisan’s wide selection of products without incurring inventory costs.

“We are thrilled to empower small businesses with our new dropshipping service,” said Amit Basu, CEO of Artisan Furniture UK. “Our artisanal products have been difficult for small retailers to access until now. With dropshipping, we can help these businesses significantly expand their product range and give their customers access to truly unique furniture.”

Key benefits of Artisan Furniture’s dropshipping service include:

  • No upfront inventory costs – Retailers only pay for products once an order is placed.
  • Wide product selection – Access Artisan’s entire catalogue of over 500 artisanal furniture products. New products are added weekly.
  • Hands-off fulfillment – Artisan Furniture handles packing and shipping directly to the customer.
  • Higher margins – Retailers can set their own pricing.

The company handcrafts its products in the UK using locally-sourced materials. With an emphasis on sustainability and ethical production, Artisan Furniture aims to be a responsible dropshipping partner for small businesses looking to grow their revenue.

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Retailers interested in Artisan Furniture’s dropshipping service can apply for an account on their website. The company offers dedicated account management and excellent customer service.

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About Artisan Furniture UK

Artisan Furniture UK has been handcrafting sustainable wooden furniture in the United Kingdom since 2010. The company uses traditional carpentry techniques paired with modern technology to create contemporary and timeless designs. Their extensive catalogue includes dining tables, desks, shelving units, lounge chairs, stools, and more.

Artisan Furniture also offers wholesale pricing for high-volume purchases. Retailers who need to stock their own inventory can benefit from the company’s competitive bulk pricing on their full range of artisanal furniture. Be sure to inquire about Artisan’s wholesale furniture program on their website to see if you qualify for special discounts. With both dropshipping and wholesale purchasing options, Artisan Furniture aims to meet the diverse needs of small and mid-sized retailers looking to grow their businesses.

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