The Artisan Community We Foster

Artisan Furniture’s community is at the heart of everything we do – it’s what differentiates us from the plethora of furniture makers around the globe. The 70 artisans in our main Jaipur factory, and the hundreds dotted throughout northern India in small, local units, are the driving force behind the company’s growth over the past half decade. And as we’ve grown, so have they.

We pride ourselves on improving living conditions wherever we set up a unit, or buy goods from. Artisan Furniture has, consequently, played a huge part in reviving the handicraft industry in north India, and increasing standards of living from their previously shamefully low baselines. It’s something we’re immensely proud of, and you should be as well! Your buying made it possible, after all.

Nothing quite describes the atmosphere of out main Jaipur factory better than the word, you guessed it, community. The large green belt and tree cover provides ample opportunity to relax, unwind and socialise after a long day; and the onsite canteen ensures employees don’t have to go far for a healthy, traditional meal. It’s a company tradition to set aside work and chat in the waning daylight on the green belt, relishing the calm atmosphere and the spicy Rajasthani snacks that are ubiquitous in this part of India.

But our community goes far beyond this, a number of our artisans are given the chance to run their own local units in order to produce handcrafted goods for you. Not only does this leads to heightened social mobility, but fosters that powerful entrepreneurial spirit that’s present in so many of our artisans – only waiting to be awakened. The local knowledge and connections of these artisans are key to developing the flavour of the products we sell, and create connections with the wider community that last a lifetime.

Our community only grows stronger as Artisan Furniture grows, helped by a sublime work culture and the prevalence of local influences that dovetail perfectly with what this company is all about – quality, handcrafted furniture that supports the local community while producing a good that’s sure to bring joy wherever it goes, anywhere in the world. It’s a story of hope, one we desperately need in these times.

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