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News provided by Amit Basu on September 25, 2023

Ecommerce Business Selling Sustainable Products

LONDON, September 25, 2023 – Artisan Furniture UK, a veteran ecommerce startup, announced today the continuation of their online store selling eco-friendly and sustainable products. The company was founded by Amit Basu with the mission of providing ethical and environmentally-friendly alternatives to everyday household items.

The online store features products made from recycled materials, natural and organic ingredients, and items produced using clean energy.

“We wanted to create an easy way for people to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives,” said Amit Basu, founder and CEO of Artisan Furniture UK. “Our products aim to reduce plastic waste and the use of harmful chemicals in homes across the country.”

Artisan Furniture UK thoroughly vets each product curated in their online store. All items must meet rigorous sustainability standards and come from eco-conscious brands that prioritize ethical and green manufacturing.

The company also plans to donate a portion of proceeds to non-profits dedicated to environmental causes. “This allows our customers to shop with confidence, knowing their purchases also support larger sustainability initiatives,” Amit Basu added.

The new ecommerce store features an intuitive, user-friendly interface making it easy for customers to find and purchase green products. For more information and to start shopping sustainably, visit

About Artisan Furniture UK: Artisan Furniture UK is an online wholesale and dropshipping retailer offering eco-friendly and sustainable products. Based in London, UK, the company launched in 1995 with the mission of making ethical consumerism more accessible. Learn more at


Name: Amit Basu
Company: Artisan Furniture UK
Phone Number: 0800 689 4736

Amit Basu

Amit Basu, founder of Artisan Furniture, is a visionary entrepreneur with a global outlook. Originally from India, Basu is now a British citizen who remains an active presence worldwide through his varied business interests. He holds an MBA in International Marketing Management along with a specialization from the London School of Economics. Basu immigrated to the UK under the British Government's Entrepreneurial Visa program, which is granted to exceptional entrepreneurs. This background demonstrates Basu's business acumen and drive.

Today, Basu's company Global Vision Direct Ltd T/A Artisan Furniture features an expansive "white label" portfolio with a diverse, widespread customer base. Artisan Furniture has a presence in over 6 overseas markets, alongside an efficient factory-to-doorstep delivery service.

Moreover, Artisan Furniture was handpicked by Goldman Sachs, in collaboration with Oxford University's Saïd Business School, for the prestigious 10K Small Business Programme. This elite initiative identifies promising small businesses globally, providing them with tools for growth. Artisan Furniture's selection indicates its strong potential for both short and long-term success under Basu's leadership. Additionally, Basu was chosen for the Forbes Business Council, which connects small and medium entrepreneurs to facilitate networking, skills development, and visibility. These recognitions highlight the strength of Artisan Furniture's business model guided by Basu's strategic vision.

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