In economics, goods are those that fulfil human needs and offer usefulness, such as to a customer buying furniture. Goods can be tangible or intangible, such as an artisan-made piece of furniture.

In the context of dropshipping, wholesale furniture is a good that has been produced by artisans in bulk for sale to other businesses who want to resell it at a profit.

The word “goods” is usually used to mean merchandise with intrinsic value, but it may also refer to money from a saleable item that has not yet been sold. For example, in an auction the items being sold may be described as goods if they are referred to as “lots”.

Goods may be described by their physical characteristics (e.g., color), purpose (e.g., medicine), size, packaging level, content (e.g., bulk item), or nature (e.g., organic). Goods may also be distinguished on the basis of their origin or place of sale or manufacture: for example, “Made in USA” labels on products manufactured in the United States; or “Imported from China” labels on products manufactured in China and exported overseas.

If you want to start dropshipping, the first thing you’ll need is a product. While it’s possible to just source any old item and try to sell it on, that’s not the best way forward. You want something that people are searching for, but that isn’t too competitive in the market.

Goods are those things that fulfil human needs and offer usefulness, such as when customers buy furniture for their homes. In economics, goods are often broken down into three categories: services, consumables and durable goods. These can be further broken down into sub-categories such as artisan furniture or DIY supplies if you want something specific for your business model.

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The next step is finding suppliers who can provide what you need at wholesale prices so you can sell them at retail prices without losing money on each sale (or even making a profit). This may involve visiting warehouses or having someone source them online on your behalf – either way, make sure they can provide good quality products at competitive prices so they don’t end up costing more than they worth.


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