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How our Wholesale Furniture Program works

Wholesale Home Decor, Trade Interiors & Accessories Supply from Artisan Furniture UK a leading UK manufacturer & wholesaler. Artisan Furniture is a trading name for Global Vision Direct Ltd, registered in the UK at 5th Floor, Watson House, 54-60 Baker Street. London W1U 7BU. Company Reg. No. 07421550. VAT No. 108 6081 27. Our own factory is in Jaipur, within the Indian state of Rajasthan where we manufacture then ship out all of our products. Please carefully read the details below to check and understand if you qualify for our Wholesale Program

Minimum requirements for the 40ft wholesale solution

Based on the above information, if you are interested to proceed with our wholesale container solution please have a read of the below benefits, however, if you believe you are not yet ready, then you should consider the dropship or trade programs instead which might be more suitable for you.

Limitations to our Wholesale Program

Benefits of working with our Wholesale solution  

Prices – up to 50% off standard dropship prices for a full 40ft High Cube container order

Once you have signed up for a trade account you will be provided access to a customer dashboard that showcases the dropship prices (excluding VAT). All of the prices visible are in £ pound sterling and VAT goes on top.

A member of our team will be able to raise a proforma invoice once you shortlisted the products. The prices on the proforma invoice should reflect up to 50% discount on the standard dropship prices however the actual percentage may vary as it is dependent on certain factors such as but not limited to:

  • Volume of your total order and the mix of products you have chosen
  • Delivery destination
  • Shipping terms such as FOB or to your premises
  • Type of Packaging such as wholesale packaging or internet-based packaging

Foreign currency options and terms of payment (Deposit & Payment)

A standard 30% deposit must be paid in order to initiate the order. The balance must be paid 14 days before the container arrives at the destination port. We offer US Dollar ($), Sterling (£), and Euros (€) as currency choices.

The payment needs to be organized to the relevant bank account depending on the currency. The suitable account details will be mentioned on the proforma invoice. 

Worldwide delivery options

We offer worldwide deliveries and all the items are shipped from our factory in Jaipur, India via the Mundra Port.

Bespoke/ Product customisation

You can alter or make possible changes on the below:

  • Dimensions of the product 
  • Polish/Finish
  • Hand-painted colour options such as Cream, and Grey or wooden stains such as Chestnut or Ash Black
  • Fabric choices such as Cotton Velvet, Tweed, Tartan, Linen, Leather etc
  • Labelling options such as branded swing tickets / and or name plaques
  • Packaging options such as standard wholesale packaging (not suitable for courier-based delivery) or internet packaging (suitable for mail order delivery)
  • We would be delighted to execute design inspirations or product themes exclusively for your company
Choice Choice A Worldwide
Brand Global Vision
Name 40ft container load order
Min Order Value ~ £35,000 400+ products (depending on mix)
Delivery & VAT Inclusive of Delivery and ex-VAT
Volume 67-70 CBM
Customization Yes
Production & Delivery Lead Times 12-16 weeks
Payment Term Deposit 30% and balance 7 days before delivery
Payment Mode Bank to Bank Internet Transfer available in Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euro.

Update March 2023

Introducing ‘Hybrid 20ft’ discount programme

We are pleased to offer a ‘Hybrid 20ft’ programme as a subset of our popular ‘Wholesale programme’.

This option will give you some of the benefits of ordering a full 40ft container, but which allows you to order fewer units.

You can place an order for 20ft worth of container load volume (no value restrictions) and the system will offer a 35% discount. The number of units you need to order will depend on the profile of the products, but is generally around 200 pieces of furniture. Please note that accessories are not included in this program.

The price includes delivery cost from factory to Ipswich as well as offloading at Ipswich Fulfilment Centre alongside free storage for 5 working days.

Orders should be collected from our Ipswich within the free storage period or we can arrange a delivery to a UK location using a van or pallet option. The cost of the delivery will depend on the volume ordered and the final delivery address.

Simple guide to Wholesale
       For full 40ft container:
  1. Browse through the artisanfurniture.net website and select the product by quoting us the item number (SKU) and quantities
  2. The pricing team will give a quote for the selected items based on any changes you wish to make to the product, packaging choices, and the final destination for delivery
  3. The backend team will share further information such as the container volume where you might need to accordingly top-up or decrease the volume to make a optimized 40ft container
  4. A 30% deposit is expected against a proforma invoice to secure the order
  5. Our Jaipur factory will initiate the production process
  6. The remaining 70% needs to be paid 14 days before the arrival of the container.
    1. 6a. Thereafter we will e-release the export documents, facilitating the delivery of the container.
    2. 6b. Export documents typically include the commercial invoice & packing list, Bill of Lading, origin certification, and a fumigation certificate for pest control.
    3. 6c. If you have opted for door delivery then after the commercial invoice no further documents need to be shared as everything will be taken care of by Artisan Furniture
  7. You are then set to receive an email confirming the day and date of delivery as well a suitable time. Please note that containers need to be delivered within a specific number of days after its arrival at the port, otherwise additional port charges will be added. A standard 3 hours are provided for offloading a 40ft. If you exceed this then extra charges will apply.
       For Hybrid 20ft container
  1. As per points 1-6 above.
  2. Points 6a, b and 6c do not apply as the goods are being delivered to our Ipswich distribution unit in the first instance.
  3. Our team will contact you to discuss collection or delivery of the goods. This needs to take place within 5 working days of the goods’ arrival into Ipswich, or storage charges will be applied.
  4. If you choose the delivery option we will advise you of the delivery cost. This needs to be paid before the goods are shipped to you.
Please ensure you read the relevant Terms and Conditions with regard to container shipments.

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