Furniture Materials & Styles

The materials and construction of furniture have a big effect on appearance, durability and pricing. When buying wholesale furniture, it helps to know the pros and cons of different types. This overview will spotlight key furniture categories and material options from wholesale suppliers. Show More

Bone Inlaid Furniture

Bone inlay furniture features small pieces of bone or tusks pressed into wooden surfaces. Common inlays include camel bone, mother of pearl and tortoiseshell. These organic materials create striking light and dark visual contrasts. Intricate diamond, floral and abstract inlaid patterns are common. The time-intensive inlay process increases costs. But the unique look enhances Asian-inspired, global boho and eclectic spaces. Opt for durable underlying wood to prevent splintering around fragile inlays. Hand wipe bone inlays instead of polishing to prevent damage.

Brass Inlaid Furniture

Brass inlaid furniture features metal wire or pieces hammered into wood for shiny accents. Geometric shapes, scrolling vines, flowers and lines create visual interest. The golden brass pops against dark wood tones. Brass inlay requires meticulous handiwork and suits detailed ornate styles. The metal adds to costs but creates a luxe feel. Use brass inlaid furniture as statement accent pieces. Keep away from moisture and avoid abrasive cleaners to maintain the finish.

Hand Carved Wood

Hand carved furniture shows incredible artistry in detailed designs. Skilled artisans use chisels, knives and other tools to shape wood into flowing shapes, textural reliefs and unique forms. Carving draws the eye to quality craftsmanship. Opt for dense, durable woods like mahogany or teak to allow extensive carving while resisting splits. Hand carved furniture pairs nicely with ornate, global and traditional spaces. Protect detailing from abrasion and keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Iron & Metal

Wrought iron furniture offers timeless allure. Iron is extremely durable, though prone to rusting. Opt for powder coated and treated finishes in grey, bronze and black for protection. Iron stands up to heavy use and the elements, suiting patios and gardens. Steel and aluminum offer increased rust resistance and lightweight appeal. Tubular steel creates airy, modern silhouettes. Forged, reclaimed and cast metals provide sculptural forms. Metallic shine suits bold industrial, modern and glam decors.

Rattan & Wicker

Rattan and wicker refer to furniture woven from natural palm, reed, bamboo and synthetic rattan fibers. The intricate weaving results in lightweight, airy designs perfect for porches, patios and poolside. Deep seating sets and swings suit relaxing outdoors. Natural fibers need protection from moisture and sunlight. All-weather synthetic rattan better resists fading and decay. Look for sustainably harvested natural wicker. Use cushion covers to allow easy washing. Bring indoor by fall to prevent winter weather damage.

Slate & Stone Pieces

Slate, granite, and other stone instantly elevate furniture with natural textures and organic hues. Stone tops suit dining tables and consoles. Opt for strong underlying frames to support the heavy weight. Natural variations in the stone add rustic, earthy appeal. Stone stands up well outdoors year-round given its durability. Indoors, seal slabs to prevent staining. Use coasters and trivets to shield surfaces from heat damage. Look for honed, polished or textured faces to suit your decor. Whether you seek sleek metals, carved woods, woven rattan or other wholesale furniture, select pieces suited to your design and lifestyle. Opt for durability, seek ethical production methods, and choose styles that stand the test of time.

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