Bringing Out The Beauty: A Guide to Wood Finishes from Wholesale

The finish applied to furniture wood deeply impacts its look, feel and durability. Wholesale furniture suppliers offer pieces with a vast array of finishes. Understanding the pros and cons of different options helps you select pieces that suit your needs and style.Show More

Weathered & Distressed Finishes

Weathered or distressed wood finishes mimic the look of vintage, rustic furniture. Special techniques like chiseling, rasping and glazing make wood appear naturally aged. This imparts a timeworn, charming appearance. Weathering works nicely on casual, farmhouse or cottage style furniture. Distressing often suits shabby chic looks. Make sure underlying wood is durable and well-sealed to prevent further unintended wear. Pair with chippy paint accents for added antiquity.

Hand-Painted Accents

Hand-painted finishes provide artisanal charm and custom style. Skilled artisans use multiple paint layers, glazing and sanding to create stunning designs. Floral motifs, landscapes or abstract patterns infuse personality. This artistic approach pairs beautifully with romantic, cottagecore or boho chic decors. Hand-painting elevates simple silhouettes with striking decorative flair. Just take care to protect these delicate finishes from heat, liquids and abrasions.

Natural & Raw Wood Finishes

A clear wood finish allows the natural grain, texture and color to take center stage. This raw, organic look enhances rustic, craftsman and industrial designs. Opt for durable woods like oak or teak to prevent stains and scratches. Natural finish open-grain woods may feel rougher to the touch compared to painted or lacquered wood. But this raw beauty highlights the distinctive characteristics of each wood species. Use sparingly in kids' or high-traffic spaces.

Metallic Accents

Metallic finishes like gold, silver or copper leafing transform wood with glamour. Even small metallic accents modernize traditional wood furniture. All the shine and luster of metal pairs nicely with natural wood grains. Incorporate metallic finishes into glam, mid-century or modern spaces. Use metallic legs or hardware to update classic silhouettes. Select lacquered or painted woods to complement the bling with a smooth surface. Metallic accents work best for infrequent-use pieces.

Stains for Custom Colors

Stains allow you to customize wood furniture to any hue. From bold black tones to pastel pinks, stains unlock the design possibilities. Opt for wood species like oak, maple or pine that readily accept different stains. Consider an on-trend gray wash effect for modern style. Stains work well for high-use pieces thanks to durable protection. Match wood frames and legs to your wall color. Complementary stains prevent mismatched looks as wood ages over time. Avoid steering into an overly matchy-matchy decor. The perfect wood finish completes your design vision while suiting your lifestyle. With access to quality wholesale furniture, you can discover beautiful finishes that stand the test of time in any interior space.

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