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Artisan Furniture is the trading name for Global Vision Direct Limited, registered at Fifth Floor, Watson House, 54-60 Baker Street, London, United Kingdom W1U 7BU, Registered in UK. Company Registration Number 07421550. VAT Number 108 6081 27.

Artisan is a British company based in Westminster, City of London with their own factory based in Jaipur, India where all the products are shipped out from. The Indian operations encompass a corporate office, factory, 100+ employees and 150+ artisan workers. They also have a corporate office in the UK with a small team taking care of all the sales, marketing and taxation, while also boasting an Ipswich based storage & distribution center.

Artisan has a wide range of products and it is only made possible through the hundreds of artisans that the company employs, indirectly and indirectly, in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. They may have an internet focused strategy all about AI & ML algorithms, automated warehouses and machine tracking, but at their core Artisan remain a, well, artisan focusses enterprise.

Rajasthan has never been an easy place to make a living, with its soaring temperatures and sparse population. But they’ve had one thing for generations — the arts. Handmade arts to be precise, and this is where Artisan come in. The aim is twofold, to revive dying communities through the ancient arts in the state and to provide quality furniture to small business across the world. The three Cs as they call it — compassion, community and cognisance. Compassion towards the specific needs of artisans and independent retailers, the community that Artisan fosters in their part of the world, and cognisance of how to best provide small stores the tools they need to become successful while also supporting artisans in crafts they have practiced for centuries.

The answer is their dropship furniture programme. A no storage model that lets retailers ship products directly to their client’s doorstep while also giving artisan the freedom to craft products using techniques they know best. Any Artisan product you buy goes a long way in rebuilding communities across the world, and looks delightful at the same time.


Wholesale covers the containerized side of the business with a worldwide delivery option in American Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros currencies. 

Drop Shipping

Drop-Ship is available for the UK customers with no restrictions on order size and we are capable of delivering to the end customer.

Mission Statement

Artisan Furniture is about community, compassion and technology touching lives, halfway across the world by connecting disadvantaged artisans with small and large businesses alike; thereby creating a global opportunity for direct sourcing and strengthening their communities.

We aim to empower furniture retailers affected by the internet by offering them quality handmade furniture at sensible prices.

Meet The Team

To find out more about the team operating from our London office and their roles.

Meet The Founder

To find out more about the founder of Global Vision and how it all came to life plus all the inspirations behind it.

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