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An item of furniture known as a bed is used as a place to sleep, rest, and unwind.

The majority of contemporary beds have a bed frame and a soft, padded mattress. Either a solid basis, frequently made of wood slats, or a sprung base supports the mattress. A common feature of beds is the box spring inner-sprung base, a sizable box the size of a mattress that contains wood and springs to support and suspend the mattress further. Beds come in a variety of sizes, from modest single or adult beds to enormous queen and king-size beds made for two people. Bassinets and cribs for infants are also available.

While most beds are single mattresses on a fixed frame, there are other types as well, including the bunk bed, which has two mattresses on two tiers as well as a ladder to access the upper tier, the trundle bed, which is stored under a low, twin-sized bed and can be rolled out to create a larger sleeping area, and the sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa. The inflated air mattress and the collapsible camp cot are examples of temporary beds. Some beds, like the hammock, don’t have a bed frame or a mattress with padding. Other beds are designed with animals in mind.

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In addition to side rails and footboards, beds may include a headboard for resting against (or “footers”). For “headboard only” beds, a “dust ruffle,” “bed skirt,” or “valance sheet” may be used to conceal the bed frame. On top of the mattress is typically a cushion made of a soft, padded material to support the head. The term “bedding” refers to the assortment of bed sheets, quilts, and duvets that are typically used to keep a sleeper warm. The non-furniture part of a bed that may be taken off for washing or airing out is called the bedding.



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