Chest is a type of furniture used for storage. Chest is also known as a coffer and typically made out of wood or metal. The word chest comes from the Old French word “cheste” or “chastre”, which means “box.”

People who are interested in buying furniture in bulk may want to purchase chests because they can use them for storage or display purposes. The chest is an important part of any bedroom, living room or office setting. In addition, the chest can be used as a place to store items such as blankets and linens, clothing items like sweaters and shirts, toys, books and more.

Often rectangular in shape with four walls and a removable or hinged lid, a chest (also known as a coffer or kist) is a type of furniture used for storage, mainly of personal items. It is possible to separate the inner area.

The first documented chests were made by the Ancient Egyptians around 3000 BC out of braided reeds or wood.

An ancient chest or coffer was first used for storing beautiful clothing, weapons, food, and important objects.

Low chests were frequently used as benches during the European Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, whereas taller chests served as side tables. A chest might be utilised as a suitable writing surface by placing it on its side on any kind of rough table, and the interior could be used to store writing tools and other supplies. as was the situation with the Spanish Bargueo desk. The upper chest of many early portable desks had its lid on the side so that it could be used as a writing surface when opened.

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The typical band of iron covering the lid and the body of the chest was used by many European chests to lock or close it. There were a few various types of chests, such as square box and domed lid chests, but they were all so unique that it was impossible to classify them. [3] Each has a distinct aesthetic for decoration. Each served a distinct function. Domed chests, such as those from the 15th to 16th centuries, would have had longer survival rates since the design of the lid would have thrown off water and deterred people from using them as seats.



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