French furniture

For a long time, French furniture was a favorite among the wealthy and upper class. This furniture was made in the best workshops and had beautiful designs. The style of this furniture has become very popular today, and many people are now searching for wholesale furniture that has a similar style.

One of the most important features of French furniture is cabriole legs and straightforward scalloped carvings. These features make it easy to identify French furniture from other types of furniture. The popularity of French furniture has increased over time due to its unique look and high quality workmanship.

There are many companies that offer wholesale French furniture online, but only some can be trusted enough to buy from them because not all companies will provide you with quality products at reasonable prices.

Artisan Furniture is one such company that provides high-quality French antique reproduction furniture at affordable prices. This company offers a wide range of products including tables, chairs, beds and much more in different styles so that you can choose what suits your needs best without having to spend too much money on buying these items from other suppliers.”

French furniture includes both the most sophisticated pieces created in Paris for the king and court, aristocracy, and wealthy upper bourgeoisie, on the one hand, and French provincial pieces created in the rural towns and cities, many of which, like Lyon and Liège, maintained cultural identities distinct from those of the capital. French country furniture likewise had a traditional handmade rural tradition that persisted until the development of the railroads in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Furniture created in provincial places like Blois and Orléans in the Loire valley, as well as Lyon or Liège (not politically in France but within its cultural orbit), often with a time lag that could amount to decades, followed the design breakthroughs that were pioneered in the luxury industries of Paris.

Cabriole legs and straightforward scalloped carving are characteristics of French Provincial furniture. A common carving on dining chairs is a wheat motif, which reflects the maker’s rural surroundings. The traditional French Provincial dining chair has a ladder back and a braided rush seat. Regardless of whether the furniture is painted or stained, the finishes differ, but all colours share the accumulation of shine or filth in the carving over time, which results in an old patina and emphasises the carving.

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