Escalation Procedure

In the event wherein we are unable to stand up to our expected standards of service, operations or merchandise, as a valuable trade customer we recommend you to follow the below step by step resolution procedure as the Standard Operating Procedure to resolve any complaints or disputes: 

Your first point of contact is always the trade desk wherein our well-trained team is able to assist and resolve your complaint. Please email it to and mark it as ‘Complaint – Trade Desk’

The trade team has the authority to internally escalate for the attention of the Trade Desk Team Leader. Alternatively, you may ask for the complaint to be escalated to the Team Leader level and be marked as ‘Complaint – Team Leader’

If you believe you’re still not satisfied with the offered resolution, you may kindly escalate it to the managerial desk – wherein your complaint will be viewed independent of the trade desk by a separate officer. 

In the unlikely event wherein, you are still not happy with the compliance procedure and outcome to your complaint; please escalate the complaint for the attention of the leadership / management team for an unbiased, independent and a long term prospective. Please click here to fill in the form to escalate your complaint to the highest level of managerial hierarchy at Artisan Furniture. 

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COVID 19 – Phone support withdrawn.

Phone support has been temporarily disabled due to the fact that London office team is now operating from home with effect from 23rd March 2020.

Our Emails and Tickets system has been considerably strengthened to ensure the flow of information is maintained. We are now able to answer tickets from 5AM to 5PM – Monday to Saturday.

Accordingly, payment over telephone has been suspended as a safety precaution. We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope you’re staying safe and entertained in these difficult times.