Product Packaging

How the Furniture is packaged

Packaging 3.0 with effect from 1st October 2018

We are constantly reviewing our packaging to make sure it is in line with industry standard best practices. We are also striving to remove plastic packaging wherever possible.

Interlocks are applied on doors and drawers, followed by protection on knobs if required.

Product is wrapped in thick craft paper.

High density corners are applied along every edge of the product, to provide an additional layer of safety and structural integrity, as part of the drop test program.

Thermocol corners are applied, with an additional layer of corrugated sheet.

Additional thermocol blocks are applied within every 10-12 inch gap, around the edges of the product.

Another block of thermocol is placed on the top of the product, for further protection.

Strong cardboard is placed along every edge of the product, which helps to keep the packaging structure in place as well as protect the edges of the product further.

Drop test is undertaken to ensure that product is mail order compliant.

The product is placed on a platform and interlocked securely, to ensure that the impact hits the empty box (acting as a platform) first, in case of the item dropping in transit.

All fragile items such as: mirror frames, bone inlay products etc, are packed in two boxes (inner and outer boxes).

Additional Thermocol is placed on fragile areas such as mirrors or glass.

The product is then placed in a 7 ply strong corrugate box followed by taping, strapping and labelling.

For the products that have a higher weight, they are placed in a box with higher density.

All hardware for soft assembling is placed in a small plastic bag and wrapped in Styrofoam to avoid damaging the product. A red ribbon is attached to this.

For knock down products, the legs are wrapped in a thick craft paper individually as well as Styrofoam applied on the feet. These are then placed in a separate box, which is packaged with the product.

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