Artisan Furniture is a British business-to-business marketplace selling to businesses across the UK and Europe, dealing with tens of thousands of customers. We have been in business for 25+ years and already work with over 200 artisans. We are headquartered at Westminster, City of London with Distribution Centre at Ipswich, located 10 miles away from the UK’s largest port -Felixstowe.

We have experience in the market, as can be seen through our involvement in Goldman Sachs’ Entrepreneur Programme and presence in FORBES Magazine.  

We’re growing at over 40% year on year and we’d like you to be a part of our growth juggernaut. All you need to do is submit the products you wish to sell on our marketplace and all the relevant information regarding them such as dimensions, cost, weight, material etc. Our team will be in touch with you to discuss further details if your products are accepted.

How we operate:

We prefer to work directly with artisans and manufacturers – the entities are the grassroots of Indian handicraft. Our model is to curate an assortment of Indian inspired products for the British and European markets. In practice this means that,

  • You ship to our Fulfilment Centre in Jaipur, India wherein we quality check, repack (using the best internet packaging found in Asia), photograph and catalogue all the products that we procure.
  • We offer 30% deposit when your products are selected by our buyers (pre-shipment) and 70% will be paid 8 weeks from the date of delivery to Jaipur Fulfillment Centre. 
  • All these products will then be shipped, to our Distribution Centre at Ipswich ready to be sold and distributed across the world.
  • We will undertake all expenses from the moment your products reach our Jaipur Fulfilment Centre. This also includes shipping to Mundra port in India, customs clearance, shipping to England, port costs, storage in Ipswich, last mile distribution, marketing and any returns.

Your products will be live on our marketplace even before they reach British shores, streamlining distribution and providing you with payments as soon as possible. As soon as your product is curated, you will be paid a 30% deposit. In the unlikely event of slow or no sales of your product, you will still get paid the balance 70% amount 8 weeks from the date of delivery to Jaipur Fulfillment Centre. You get paid in FULL regardless of the circumstances surrounding sales of your products.

What we offer

We offer you access to thousands of businesses in Europe and the UK, therefore opening up a furniture and gift market worth £225 billion. Your products will be available to tens of thousands of our customers in the UK, all without you needing to stock and ship the products. We already work with over 10,000 independent stores and several large companies such as Wayfair and Amazon private label so rest assured that we have an excellent insight into the market and would place your products in the right niches for optimised sales.


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