Protecting Employees

Behaviour towards our employees

Here at Artisan Furniture we strongly believe that every one of our employees, whether in India or the UK, has a right to a safe and healthy work environment. This includes customer interactions for our customer facing roles.

None of our employees are required to serve customers whose behaviour, whether in correspondence, over the phone or in person, is threatening, abusive, aggressive or violent. They reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone whose behaviour they deem to be so. The customer will not be served by anyone else in the company unless specifically requested by the employee.

Threatening behaviour is defined as, but not limited to, threats of violence to members of staff or any other person which is, for example; sexist, racist or homophobic; including intimidating language, swearing and/or aggressive body language.

There’s no tolerance in our organisation for intimidation, disrespect, abuse, aggression and violence towards Artisan Furniture employees. Complaints by staff are taken very seriously and we reserve the unequivocal right to undertake account suspension without notice as well as legal and police remedies.

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