Storage & Fulfillment Program

Storage & Fulfillment by Artisan Furniture is a brand-new option that we are excited to provide to our customers. It is the 4th program available alongside the existing Dropship, Trade, and Wholesale programs.
We can give you four options under the fulfillment program if you lack the space and resources to keep and send the products. This program is especially important for clients that lack storage facilities or who are headquartered outside of the UK and want to take advantage of the British market.
We can do this by allocating space in our Ipswich Distribution Centre where your stock is held, and we would designate these spaces as ‘buckets’.

Register your interest

At this time, we are gathering expressions of interest from our customers to see if this is something they would like to take part in.
By January 1st, 2024, this initiative is expected to begin, for a deposit of £100, you would be guaranteed a bucket space in our Distribution Centre when the program becomes live. The deposit would then be credited against your first monthly fee.
Alternatively, wait for the program to become live and then ask to join the program. But note, bucket spaces are limited to how much extra room we have in our Distribution Centre.
In the unlikely event of you opting out of the program, the deposit will be forfeited. If in the improbable event wherein we are unable to launch the program, the money will be refunded back.
If you have any questions, please email or call us at 0800 689 4736 and press option 3

Program type Discount % Value restriction Volume restriction
Dropship 10% £1000 None
Trade Up to 25% £2500 None
Hybrid 20ft Wholesale 35% None 20ft or more
  1. Sign up to and opt for the fulfillment program, by depositing £100 as a commitment fee
  2. Restock the bucket depending on the capacity and pay for the products
  3. Place orders on the fulfillment portal to ship products out of your bucket
  4. View your performance on the fulfillment dashboard

Benefits of the Fulfillment Program

  • Storage bucket space at the Artisan Furniture secure IP3 Distribution Centre
  • Choose your products from 1000’s SKUs
  • Restocking of the buckets can be undertaken using the above price points associated with the volume or value of the restocking order
  • You can back-order the stock if the product is out of stock, and you get priority over others
  • Pre-plan and stock up on our bestsellers on a first come first served basis and take advantage of fulfillment without worrying about the stock situation
  • Customer dashboard for managing bucket stock, tracking, orders, and returns.
  • Free disposal of unwanted products from your bucket without any extra fees
  • No restocking fees
  • Fulfillment Program covers the whole of the UK by parcel, one-man, two-man, pallet, and van deliveries.
  • All small parcels are normally delivered within 3 working days and one-man, two-man, pallet, and van are normally delivered within 7 days
  • Returns policy covers all 5 standard reasons for returns such as manufacturing, transit, mis-shipment, loss, and infestation only
  • Free insurance for the storage buckets
  • Once the products are in your basket, you can input the end customer orders on the fulfillment portal
  • Free delivery within the UK mainland from your bucket (certain postcode delivery surcharge restrictions apply)
  • Worldwide deliveries – again with additional delivery surcharges as per our standard trading terms

As you are aware, Artisan Furniture does not accept change-of-mind returns. However, as you own the stock in your buckets, you can accept a change of mind and when the item arrives back in our Ipswich Distribution Centre the product will be restocked back into your bucket after applying the relevant wasted delivery charges. It will then be available for you to resell.

The top 10 advantages of our Fulfillment Program

  • Singular pricing that is simple, convenient, and consistent
  • Secure, hassle-free storage just 9 miles from the port
  • Free delivery to the UK mainland
  • For beginners, bucket capacity begins at 25 products
  • Pricing options with discounts and multiple options
  • Home decor will not count against your bucket capacity and will be stored for free
  • Put best-sellers in your bucket to avoid out-of-stock situations and control the market
  • Offer your customers a change-of-mind option
  • Choose from thousands of best-selling SKUs
  • Say goodbye to costly pickups and lorry loads
Type of return Duration
Manufacturing defect Must notify within 2 working days
Transit damage Must notify within 2 working days
Infestation Must notify within 90 calendar days
Mis-shipment Must notify within 2 working days
Lost shipment Must notify within 5 working days
Wasted Delivery Type Cost
Change of address once the order is processed £28 + VAT
Change of delivery date once the order is processed £18 + VAT
Return to supplier £40 + VAT
Wasted delivery £20 + VAT
Fulfillment partner Transportation type Applicability
DHL Small Parcel Covering all of the UK
XDP 1man Covering all of the UK
XDP 2man Covering all of the UK
Bomford’s Pallet Delivery Covering all of the UK
DHL International Road economy service All EU countries
DHL International Air shipment Rest of the world

Restocking Pricing for Bucket – There is no administrative fee, value, or volume restrictions for restocking your bucket. You can order however many pieces as long as you do not go over the maximum number of units your bucket is designated for. When you restock your bucket, you will be able to take advantage of our standard discounts if your order meets the value or volume criteria. All products must be paid in full before being added to the bucket. Products once added into the bucket cannot be reversed or sold back to Artisan Furniture.
A single discount will be applied to each restocking order if it meets any of the qualifying criteria.

Storage Type Price per month* Capacity
Small Bucket £175 + VAT Up to 25 pieces
Medium Bucket £500 + VAT Up to 100 pieces
Large Bucket £850 + VAT Up to 200 pieces
Extra Large Bucket £TBC + VAT Over 200 pieces

How our Fulfillment Program differs from a 3PL / Storage arrangement

We provide a comprehensive supply chain solution from ‘factory floor to end customer door’ with value editions such as FREE shipping to the UK mainland, a selection of thousands of SKUs, bespoke product development, and multiple product pricing options. Furthermore, we provide a simple, unified, and composite monthly cost with no hidden costs or costs per activity such as labeling, pick and pack, inventory count, management fee, offloading containers under the hybrid program, or footprint charges based on the volume of your products occupied on the floor. Furthermore, if you ever discard the products from your bucket; skip load fees (disposal charges) are not charged by us.

If your bucket has a capacity of 25 units, we are happy to store 25 units against it – those 25 units may be petite bedside cabinets or 2-seater chesterfield sofas.

Small home decor accessories, interestingly, do NOT count towards your bucket capacity because we recognise that home décor accessories have insignificant volume. For example, if your small bucket is full (25 units), you can still add unlimited home decor accessories without exceeding the bucket’s capacity or being hassled about expensive upgrades!

Limitations of Fulfillment Program

  • Only Artisan Furniture UK products are available as part of the fulfillment program. Once you sign up for the fulfillment program, there is a lock-in period of 3 months.
  • Fixed monthly fulfillment charges apply depending on the program type.
  • We do not offer ‘sales or return’ – meaning once the products are bought into your bucket these can’t be reversed under any circumstances.
  • Unsold products can be collected from IP3 or can be shipped over to the destination of your choice – charges apply.
  • The returns policy is applicable for all 4 buckets and the applicability will be the date products have been shipped from the bucket – standard returns policy rules apply.
  • Standard wasted delivery charges apply to the bucket when the product is returned by the end customer back into your bucket.
  • In order to fully optimize monthly charges, it’s advisable to keep your bucket stocked to its maximum capacity as the monthly rental fee for the bucket will be charged regardless of the number of units currently held in that bucket.
  • Due to operational, tax, and customs issues, cross-border shipments from fulfillment ‘buckets’ are not permitted. Worldwide deliveries remain available via standard dropshipping, trade, and wholesale routes.

Closing your Fulfillment account

In the odd event that the fulfillment program does not turn out well for you, you have the option to withdraw from it and keep using your customer account as usual for Dropship, Trade, and Wholesale. You must provide us with written notice 30 days before the expiration of your bucket. For instance, if the start date of your bucket is January 1 and the end date is March 31, you must notify us of your choice to opt out of the fulfillment program by February 28 at the latest. If you can’t give us an address, the things will be disposed of and you’ll forfeit the value of the purchase.

If you are in breach of our terms and conditions, or our commercial interests do not align, we will give you a 2-month notice to vacate the bucket.

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