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We do not supply to the public, only to trade customers.

In simple words, we provide furniture delivered directly from the manufacturing factory to the wholesaler, retailer or end customer (on your behalf).

You can create a trading account by visiting our website and by using step by step guide (download it here).

No, we do not have a showroom and the best way to view our products is to visit our website.

No. We do not offer any hard copy product catalogues because we are constantly introducing new lines. You can view all the products online at and after creating a trade account download the same for your marketing and website uploads.

After signing up to a trade account you can download product pictures and product information. Please refer to the step by step guidelines by clicking here.

No, as the product descriptions and romance copies are exclusive to us. You are only authorised to upload the downloadable content from your trading account dashboard.

If you are able to take full container loads, then not only do you benefit from significant discounts, we are also able to put your special private labels on the products. Please see details on our container deliveries here.

You can call us at 0207233777 – alternatively, Flo can take care of most enquires. Click here to see how she can help you.

Timber: Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators. Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bees wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan.

Fabric: To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean by gently vacuuming fabric with an upholstery brush. Periodic cleaning of the entire product is required to maintain appearance and reduce premature wear and fading. Do not rub, soak the fabric or allow stain to dry. Do not use proprietary cleaner or any other household cleaners. Contact professional upholstery cleaner.

Our products are meant for the British market both in terms of design as well as utility. However, the products are made in overseas factories.

After signing up for a trade account, you can ask for both wooden or fabric swatches.

As an internet company we do not usually offer product or geographic location exclusivity. However, under special circumstances we are happy to consider this for committed business volume. Also, if you have your own design or range you would like us to make then we will happily consider exclusivity.

Yes, we can ship to Europe and selected locations worldwide.

We supply a full mix of companies. We do not discriminate between online and ‘bricks and mortar’ customers.

Simply click on the ‘Reset’ button and a new password will be sent to the email address registered to your account.

We cannot dictate what pricing structure each customer will use.

As soon as an order is processed, a tracking number is generated. The tracking number will only ‘go live’ once it has been dispatched and scanned into the courier depot, usually 24-36 hours later.

Orders are usually marked as on hold when payment has not been made for them. If you believe this is not the case for your order, please raise a ticket via the dashboard so we can look into it for you.

Any orders placed for more than 1 item, we will split into individual items, this is to ensure completed visibility with our couriers and dispatched status of all items.


Payment needs to be organized at the time of order booking. Payment is made during the checkout by credit or debit card only. Finally, we can arrange BACS transfers.

We do not charge any card processing fee.

When you want to make a payment by credit card our web site will redirect you in the background to a 3rd party payment platform. We currently use Stripe ( This means none of your payment details are handled by our own web site. All we get is notification that the payment has been made. Therefore, your card details are not visible to the Artisan web site or any of our staff.

No, the product prices reflected on the website are ex VAT. At the time of check out, VAT will be applied on the invoice at the prevailing rate.

There is no minimum sales price for our products.

We do not have any minimum selling price. However, depending on the volume and margin trade-off, retailers typically mark up our prices between 70-200%. As we are directly sourcing from the factories, thereby eliminating the margin layer of the conventional wholesalers, this leaves more margin on the table for the retailer.

Please refer to the terms and conditions on our website by clicking here.

No. All products must be paid for up front.

All the products are made in overseas factories and we have already invested efforts, time and money in terms of product research development, production cost, shipping cost and storage costs. Hence, we need to be paid upfront for the orders placed.


Delivery is FREE inside the UK. However there is a surcharge applicable on a few postcodes. You can view our delivery surcharge info here. Wasted delivery charges will apply after the first delivery is attempted. Delivery outside the UK is charged depending on the destination address.

Yes, once the order is shipped you will get a notification with the tracking number.

Once the order is processed, paid and shipped you cannot cancel the order.

This may be possible but it depends on the product mix and quantities. Please contact our sales team for more details.

We are constantly adding new services on our deliveries. Please see our current offering here.

Your first delivery charge is included inside the UK. However, if nobody is in to accept the delivery then our carrier partners will charge us for making a second delivery. These charges are as follows:

  • Parcel Delivery = £18 + VAT
  • One Man Delivery = £33 + VAT

Normally out of stock orders are replenished back within 1 to 8 weeks. To avoid any disappointment, you may place a back order, thereby reserving the product.

Our standard lead time is 12 weeks. This allows eight weeks for manufacture and an additional four weeks for delivery to the UK. We will always endeavour to reduce this time by working closely with the factory. Occasionally, the lead time may extend due to unexpected problems with the manufacturing process.

100% of our products are hand-crafted individually. Further, most of our products are hand-made from solid wood hence variation in size, colour, finish, fabric (for upholstered goods), texture, natural grain pattern, knots, movement of timber etc are an integral part of the way products are naturally made and promoted. We strongly recommend you to ensure that you have made yourself fully aware about the nature of our offered hand-made solid wood products to avoid any disenchantment at a later stage. We regret, will NOT treat any of the above variations as defect, as these are natural occurrences.

Most of the products are fully assembled. All exceptions are mentioned on the product description. Some soft assembling of the products may include bolting of the legs to the frame, attaching the handles to the doors or drawers, etc.

We are happy to consider bespoke products. However, please note our standard terms for the bespoke products:

  • Delivery timeline is 8-12 weeks and entirely depends on the complexity of the order.
  • Price on Request and this might marginally vary once the final product is ready (+/- 5%).
  • All product specifications must be clearly shared with our design team.
  • We do not accept cancellation, refund, alteration or replacement of bespoke products at any cost.
  • We will share pictures prior to delivery.
  • The full balance needs to be paid before delivery is executed.
  • Full payment must be made at time of placing the order.

Yes, we are able to supply spare parts in case you face any problem with the product. Please contact our sales team with as much detail of the particular part you need.

We use different carriers depending on the size and weight of the product, and the service levels needed.

We aim to get the standard orders delivered in the UK within 3 business days.

This may be possible subject to our Click and Collect conditions. Please contact our sales team who can check to make sure the product are available for collection.

Once you sign up for the trade account you can access the stock feed which will get refreshed in near real time.

Most of our products are constructed from 100% solid wood structure and we use weave, foam and filler for hand crafted upholstery.

We use solid mango or acacia wood in our ‘IN’ or ‘ASB’ ranges. Other product ranges will be a mixture of solid and manufactured wood.


Please refer to our returns policy on our website by clicking here. You may also refer to our full terms and conditions by clicking here.

We do not offer sale or return for our products.

We are a trade only website. We are NOT dealing with the end user. The contract is between two business entities and 14 days cooling off period is not applicable between businesses. It is only applicable for companies which are directly selling their products to the end user.

Subject to our returns policy and standard trading conditions we are able to exchange a faulty item with your company.

At Artisan Furniture, we pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence that spans the breadth of our operations, from sourcing to delivery.

Our leadership’s incessant global travels aren’t just routine visits; they are quests to source the latest trends, ensuring that our catalog is always ahead of the curve. These endeavors, combined with significant investments in technology and infrastructure, allow us to present handcrafted, on-trend furniture that doesn’t bind our clientele with minimum orders, unfair delivery charges or subscriptions.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at product curation. We’ve architected complex global supply chains, ensuring that every piece of furniture you receive epitomizes exceptional quality. This operational behemoth, while intricate, is essential to provide the unparalleled experiences we promise. It also mandates certain policies, like our 2-day returns window—a necessary measure aligned with our logistics partners’ constraints.

We’re acutely aware that some policies, especially return windows, differ from the norms of direct-to-consumer companies. As a B2B entity, our wholesale pricing structure, crafted to provide maximum value, cannot sustain the luxuries of extended return timeframes typical to B2C models. Our pricing, founded on efficient turnarounds and harmonized return windows, is reflective of our pledge to balance affordability with operational sustainability.

In our journey, transparency is pivotal. We endeavor to be upfront about the operational challenges intrinsic to our B2B model. Our dedication to craftsmanship is unwavering, but to uphold this standard, balanced policies on returns, pricing, and guarantees are indispensable. We hope our partners recognize the meticulous efforts behind each product and the symbiotic relationship we propose. Any shift, like extending the return policy, would skew this balance, allowing B2C privileges on B2B dynamics.

At its core, our relationship is more than transactional; it’s a partnership. A partnership where artisans’ craftsmanship meets customers’ aspirations, woven seamlessly by operational excellence. Our symphony is a testament to this trinity—customers, artisans, and operations—melding inspiration, craftsmanship, and commitment into a singular narrative. Together, as partners, we can etch an equitable future, firmly rooted in transparency, trust, and mutual respect.


Yes, 100% of the timber used is compliant as per European Union Timber Regular Certification (EUTR) for responsible forestry.

Yes, entire upholstered furniture is compliant with the upholstery is United Kingdom Fire Resistant (UKFR), offering the BS 5852 standards. UKFR methods of testing for assessment of the ignitability of upholstered products by smoldering and flaming ignition sources.

Yes, all our products (wherever applicable) are compliant with the BS EN. Structural compliances: BS EN 14749: 2016 which states that in order to prevent overturning the product must be used with wall attachment device provided.

All products comply with the eco-friendly treatment as the pest control used on the timber is environmentally safe. This is called Biflex.

All products comply with the UK’s Waste Packaging Regulations. Please refer to the product page under the description tab for more information.

Yes. When a product requires it because of its dimensions then our anti-tip device will be included in the fittings pack. It is then the end user’s responsibility to use this.

Artisan Furniture takes our responsibility for your privacy and data very seriously. We ensure we meet all our duties under GDPR laws. For example, you can easily unsubscribe to our email list so that you do not receive any more emails.

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