Van Deliveries

In order to enhance the customer experience, we are introducing a van delivery option. Please note this option can only be triggered if the total order volume is reasonable enough to organize a full load shipment. The typical order size to qualify for a van delivery should be 25 pieces or more but this will be dependent on the mix of products ordered.
Please find below the other terms of this service.

  • This facility can only be availed at the time of placing the order
  • The entire order must be delivered to a single address
  • The overall order volume must justify a van delivery
  • The van delivery needs to be pre-agreed for a given date
  • This facilitates entire order delivery in one lot
  • A direct delivery to your doorstep
  • This facility is at no extra cost
  • This service would be offered from IP3 9RR where our distribution centre is located

The logistics team reserves the right to say whether the order qualifies for the van delivery (this may depend on what products are ordered and the logistical and commercial realities)

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