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Want to sell our products online but don’t have a website?

Don’t worry, we are now offering you the possibility to make this happen

To become a part of Artisan Furniture’s Drop-ship program

You do not require a website if you opt for our Gold service and there is also no need to hold any stock at your premises, with no minimum order requirement for value or volume and we offer a free 3 day delivery within the UK Mainland.

The below services will be offered with effect from January 2019

Standard Service – Free

Silver Service

This is a stock integration service which covers:

Gold Service

With this service we develop a website for your business + our stock integration:

Uploading the below features on your website or on a third party e-commerce:

If this is something that appeals to you,


Exclusions which are valid for all the 3 service standards –

  • No telephone support is provided – for all technical assistance please raise a ticket which can be found on the dashboard on your trade account
  • Once your website/stock feed is set up you will have to access our website for any new updates to keep your platform up to date as the service cost is a one-time set up fee and is not offered on a recurring basis
  • The server cost is not included in any of the above packages
  • The domain registration fee is not included
  • Additional modules such as SSL Certificates etc
  • Any customization in the website template/features

Cancellation/Refund Policy

As this is a business to business service hence as per our policy no returns, refunds or cancellations are permitted for a digital/downloadable purchase

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