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A Productive Lockdown – Move your business online

The lockdown has had more effects than just making us become increasingly bored while being stuck at home. It’s spawned entirely too many internet challenges (the toilet paper one is particularly bizarre considering the circumstances), made us texters actually call other people for once, and more seriously, has probably affected your business or that of someone you know. Let’s be honest here, unless some of us own a grocery store – or Tesco’s, for that matter – your business has probably been negatively affected by the pandemic. Unless, your business is online – e-commerce has been booming, with bored consumers with too much time on their hands and an itchy wallet dispensing money in droves to everything from furniture retailers to flamingo manufacturers. We’re as confused as you are.

It’s really the perfect time to move your retail and/or wholesale business online – your customers can’t, and shouldn’t, come to your premises to buy inessential goods during a pandemic and you have a lot more time on your hands with the main use of your hours having shut down for god knows how long. While your business will reopen, stronger than ever, we hope, it might feel quite fulfilling to spend some time moving your furniture business online.

Thankfully, Artisan Furniture’s Onboarding Program will help you with everything you need doing so, while also leaving you more than enough time to pursue your other interests or maybe even develop a new one. And if all that fails, Netflix rarely disappoints – Tiger King is quite the show to binge on the armchair, revelling in the satisfaction of your business being online and in safe hands. Here’s what you get.

  1. A 60 second sign up process – we timed it!
  2. No investment in inventory
  3. No storage required
  4. No logistics / infrastructure required
  5. Unlimited designs every month
  6. 1000+ product SKU’s
  7. A free welcome pack with 100s of images and ready to use product information
  8. Decide your own profit markup – it’s your business, after all.
  9. Free UK mainland delivery
  10. No minimum order quantity
  11. No minimum order value
  12. Unlimited support over tickets & chat
  13. Free onboarding 30 minutes call
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So here you go. It’ll be quite a good use of your time, we promise. An online business isn’t just a quarantine thing, it’ll make your business more resilient in the long run should uncertainty strike again in the future. But until then, you can have the satisfaction of owning a modern, adaptable business purpose built for the 21st century. And we’ll be here to help you along the way!

Online Dropshipping Business

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