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Dropshipping furniture – How Stock Feed Works

Artisan Furniture is a Drop Ship division of Global vision Direct Limited. The Furniture Stock feed is a paramount function for online selling of any products as it gives an indication to the customer with the product current status showcasing in stock or out of stock.

At Artisan Furniture we have successfully streamlined the process by offering two simple functions:
We call this the easiest version – We use a ‘Traffic light module’ to simplify the stock feed, connecting the manufacturing points to your wholesale shopping cart; we offer a seamless stock update to you every 55 minutes. We call it the traffic light module by using Red-Amber-Green these are dynamic modules which keeps changing between stocks, transit and sold out.

Briefly Explained as per below:
Red = When the number falls down to zero; it will show a Red Status Bar.
Amber = Products are on the water / under transit. Stock quantities coming back in stock don’t matter – it will still show Amber.
Green = Stock is available, even if it’s one piece.
We call this the technical stock integration – If you wish to know the exact stock quantity currently in stock you will need to download the stock feed and integrate it on your website. Stock feed is being updated every 55 minutes. Stock integration – It needs to be integrated by a technical person as the integration requires using CSV, FTP’s etc. This is not a management function hence please consult tech companies for support (we don’t offer tech assistance due to privacy laws as this integration requires access to your website data base).

The above process enables us to offer you a smooth and easy experience when trading with us.

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UK dropshipping furniture manufacturer

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