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Bouclé furniture is a brand of contemporary furniture that derives it’s meaning from looped fibers. It’s a part of the French school of design which prioritises smooth, curved lines and a fresh look that goes with any sort of decor. Indeed, boucle furniture epitomises these traits. It is elegant looking with irregular coils of these looped fibers, which not only gives it the distinctive look it’s popular for but makes it soft to the touch.
French designs in wholesale and dropship furniture are known for their elegance and clean lines. The priority is to blend it in the background whilst subtly standing out and this is key to boucle furniture. The woven loop fabrics can be done either by machine or handmade using traditional techniques. The latter can be expensive, but the luxurious look obtained makes for a high-end, big ticket product that targets the luxury market.
Boucle furniture is in vogue now and this trendy nature makes it popular with e-commerce retailers and traditional high street brick-and-mortar stores alike. They can capitalise on their popularity and leverage the higher prices that it will cause. Manufacturers can ramp up the production, packaging and shipping of boucle furniture in order to gain more profits and this will result in higher sales across the supply chain. Of course, the key is to efficiently predict the sales peaks and troughs of products such as boucle furniture.
Boucle can refer to a wide range of upholstered products, even if the most popular parts of the range are sofas, armchairs, and couches. These can be the centerpiece to a well-designed decor. They can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms and even workspaces such as offices to add that sense of elegant grandeur to a home. Their cost may tend towards the luxury part of the market, but they remain a simple way to make a space both modern and elegant.
Boucle furniture comes in a range of varied products, both large and small. Their unique upholstery and fabric twirls make them suited to small poufs, footstools, and cushions because it doesn’t overwhelm the decor of a living space. The clean lines also work popular in bold shades for larger products. They’re popular with interior designers, architects, artists and simply consumers wanting to decorate their homes and living spaces into something more interesting and elegant. This uniquely French furniture range is sure to add a bit of spark wherever you put it.

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