Recession Collection
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Recession Collection
The "Recession Collection" has arrived to assist impacted households

Let's face it: the high cost of living and excessive inflation have had a negative impact on ordinary British families. A tribute to the tenacity of the affected families.
To assist impacted families, we are pleased to offer the "recession collection," which is lighter on the wallet yet it provides powerful essentials such as handmade quality, durability, and solid wood sustainable timber.
This will result in the ability to outfit homes affordably without sacrificing product quality or durability.
Over 70+ exquisitely crafted little pieces of furniture will become available by February 2023..
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  • in1745 1
    Mini Chestnut Curved Bedside
  • in1748 1
    Mini Chestnut Curved Media Unit
  • in1747 1
    Mini Chestnut Curved Console Table
  • in3262 1
    Mini Oak-ish Curved Bedside
  • in1763 1
    Mini Nordic Style Writing Desk
  • in3281 1
    Mini Curved Grey Washed Bedside
  • in3275 1
    Mini London Console Table
  • in3272 1
    Mini Curved Oak-ish Media Unit
  • in3265 1
    Mini Curved Chestnut Wall Mounted Bedside with Open Slot
  • in1746 1
    Mini Rounded Mini Chestnut Console Table
  • in1728 1
    Mini Black Shoe Storage Footstool
  • in3318 1
    Mini Monks Storage Bench
  • in3297 1
    Classic Oak-ish Coffee Table
  • in3279 1
    Nordic Oak-ish Circular Shaped Mini Bedside
  • in3266 1
    Mini Oak-ish Wall Mounted Bedside with Open Slot
  • in3264 1
    Mini Curved Oak-ish Wall Mounted Bedside
  • in3263 1
    Mini Curved Chestnut Wall Mounted Bedside
  • in1764 1
    Mini Teal Cotton Velvet Curved Bench
  • in3311 1
    Mini Chestnut Curved Open Bedside
  • in3285 1
    Mini Oak-ish Dressing Table with Foldable Mirror
  • in3274 1
    Mini Oak-ish Hallway Console Table
  • in3271 1
    Mini Curved Oak-ish Console Table
  • in3344 1
    Mini Grey and White Cut-out Bedside
  • in3343 1
    Mini Prima Bedside with Open Slot
  • in3342 1
    Mini Curved Chestnut Chest
  • in3341 1
    Mini Curved Oak-ish Chest
  • in3340 1
    Mini Rounded Entertainment Unit
  • in3338 1
    Mini Chesnut Wave Coffee Table

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