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Buffalo Leather Cushion

  • IN2034
  • Compliance
  • Dimensions
  • Packaging
This beautiful leather cushion is a perfect piece to add style and jazz in any room or bed. It is perfect for traditional or contemporary interiors and the cushion is made of Buffalo Hide Leather and is filled with reckron filler.

Trade Buffalo Leather Cushion Wholesalers
Timber Compliances:
“Timber Compliances: This product is made using sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programme.

Evironmental Compliances:
This product complies with the eco friendly treatment as the pest control used on the timber is environmental safe, this is called Biflex.

Product Boxed
Height 45 cm 52 cm
Width 45 cm 52 cm
Depth 10 cm 17 cm
Volume -- 0.04 Cubic Meters
Weight 0.7 Kg 5.6 for 6 pcs. Kg

Our team have been working hard to ensure that our packaging is fully enhanced. We always strive to provide you with a better service, which is why we have added a more structural method; this typically includes thermocol, strong condensed cardboard edges, further layers of protections, secured hardware packaging etc, to make sure that your items are delivered safely with our drop-ship program. Last update – October 2018

  • Lasting & Comfortable

  • Buffalo Leather

  • Crafted By Hand

  • Inner Fillers

  • Removable Cover

  • Secure Packaging

  • Parcel Delivery

  • FREE Shipping - UK mainland only

  • Available ‘on demand’ with a minimum lead time of 8 to 12 weeks

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SKU IN2034 Category Tag
Country of Origin India
EAN 8906057248209


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