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Click and Collect Service

a)       Minimum Order for collection is 10 pieces. Maximum order for collection is 50 pieces.

b)      Special prices apply. All quoted prices will be Ex Leicester. VAT on top. Please email us your shortlisted products and we can offer you special prices.

c)      If you are interested on this service on a bigger scale such as; more volume or a wider selection of products please contact us.

d)      Collection Point – Plot 4400, Harrier Parkway, Magna Park, Lutterworth. LE17 4XT.

e)      Each customer can send in one vehicle to pick up their items. (If you need more than one vehicle please let us know in advance for packaging scheduling so there is no confusion).

f)       We do not accept returns due to product damage, as collection is managed by the trade customer.

g)      Collections are to happen on every second Friday of the month.

h)      The collection time slot is between 10am and 2pm GMT.

i)       Payment term – Full payment before collection can be made online, bank to bank & telephone.

j)       We accept bespoke orders as ‘Click & Collect’.

k)      Restrictions – Artisan Furniture will not offer, assist or organize a collection vehicle. In the unlikely scenario of a system breakdown; we might have to reschedule the collection date. Artisan furniture should not be held liable and will not compensate for the wasted collection cost or time.

l)     The storage unit won’t assist with unloading and loading of the products to the van. This needs to be arranged with your own collection method.


NOTE: Prices will be listed with delivery included - Artisan will provide a reduced costing for Click and Collect Orders

Click and Collect

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                      Option 1 - Add Products Manually

                      • Simply enter the product code for each item into the 'enter product name of SKU' field
                      • Then press OK.
                      • Enter the Quantity required.
                      • Add Lines will allow you to Add more products to the list if you need more.
                      • When your order is complete click 'Add to Cart'

                      Option 2 - Import a List of Products

                      Simply create a csv file with the Product codes and the Quantity required, then

                        • Use the Browse... button to upload the file
                        • Then Click 'Import CSV' to add the list.
                        When your order is complete click 'Add to Cart'

                        We have provided a sample file here
                      Download a Sample CSV