Data Syncing Using ERP

Last Update: January 2023

The wait is finally over — seamless dropship integration in the form of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is finally here. The service is absolutely FREE  for Artisan Furniture customers during the trial period (1st April 2020 to 31st March 2023). Effective 1st April 2023 Data Syncing using API or Plugin is a paid process.

ERP based data integration module connects your website or e-commerce accounts with our database. This includes product images and dimensions, product information, prices, stocks etc and is updated almost in real time. The integration will automatically cover any new products and information as well.

No more doubting whether your data is up to date, or worrying about accuracy. The future of dropship technology is here.

ERP currently works with the following,

  • Upgraded Dashboard for Customers – We are offering an upgraded customer dashboard, where you can view your sales performance against various parameters such as sales in £ and sales in units. This will include historical data as well as current orders, back orders, refunds, cancellations, and so on. (Available now)
  • Notification – We are also introducing ‘notification,’ which will notify customers on the dashboard about all critical activities such as deals, discontinued products, changes in product tributes, prices, specs, and so on. These downloadable notifications will be invaluable in managing the product health check. (Available now)
  • Onboarding API – If you’ve recently joined Artisan Furniture, have been inactive for a while, or want a more tech-savvy integration route, we have a seamless API solution for you. This API will ‘pull’ product specifications, images, stock, sizes, and other information into your custom-built website. However, we cannot provide technical support for technical integration and expect you to manage API integration at your end. We do provide a “guide to integration” that we believe is self-explanatory. This API is incompatible with third-party platforms such as Shopify, eBay, and others and kindly refer to the remaining part of this document to understand other options if you are planning to integrate with third party e-commerce platforms. (Available now)
  • Backorder Tracking – Customers can now track backorders through Flo as well as through customer dashboard. (Available now)
  • Flo, our Virtual Assistant – Flo’s capabilities are constantly enhanced and to check all the functionalities that can be managed by Flo, please click here
  • Using Webhook — ERP connects with your own website irrespective of the platform as long as you can provide us with a WEBHOOK. (Available now
  • Using Plugins – If your website is operating on WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and Wix – the available plugins can be integrated to create a ‘digital bridge’ for synchronisation of data (Available now) –
  • Shopify — Last year we initiated a not-for profit data syncing project
    between Shopify & Artisan Furniture. This has resulted in successful
    integration of hundreds of customer stores with our product catalogue, thereby
    generating thousands of pounds worth businesses for our partners. Regrettably
    effective 1st of September, Shopify has tweaked it’s policies thereby
    restricting the total number of accounts that can be synced through this
    process. Due to phenomenal success of this project, we have exhausted our
    limit.We are in talks with Shopify to explore an alternative
    option to continue to serve the customers. In the interim we are compelled to
    stop on boarding all new customers and any updates on the existing accounts
    will be on the manual basis.We currently do not have a date to re-initiate this process.
  • Etsy — As long as you have an account on Etsy (TBC – Project on pause until Shopify issue is resolved)
  • eBay — As long as you have an account on eBay (TBC – Project on pause until Shopify issue is resolved)
  • Wish –  As long as you have an account on Wish (TBC – Project on pause until Shopify issue is resolved)
  • OnBuy –  As long as you have an account on OnBuy (TBC – Project on pause until Shopify issue is resolved)

    As Shopify has not given its approval, integration is now on hold. We are developing a workable alternate option in the background.
    You may freely implement a Universal API or webhook for multichannel partners like Shopify, Etsy, and others. The modules mentioned above should operate. Nevertheless, because these interfaces have not been approved by the partners, our official advice is not to deploy these modules for multi-channel partners. It could succeed, fail or block.
    Please base your selection on our official advice or make an informed decision. 

The cons of ERP, as it currently stands now, are listed below.

  • Artisan Furniture cannot support you technologically on your side of your operations such as integrations on your end, development of the Webhook or Plugins, your system compatibilities, storage cost and management etc. These all need to set up by you, at your own cost and responsibility, to allow the ERP data flow to work.
  • In the unlikely event of multichannel partners like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wish & OnBuy etc. declining our data syncing request, the flow of data would cease to work for that particular platform. This is unfortunately outside our control.
  • We are in the process of building a notification centre within ERP wherein any changes to the existing products will be automatically notified at your end. The system will show the products as “Not Synced” after changes unless you allow the data to be resynced.
  • All the information is shared as raw data and any beautification for your customers or website needs to be done at your end.
  • As is the case with new projects, please accept that some initial complications and bottlenecks may be present as we onboard customers into the ERP module. Rest assured that we will be handling all issues and streamlining the process as fast as we can. However, do note that the transition may not currently be completely smooth because this is a beta version. If you wish to directly use the finished version, you’re welcome to wait until December 2022 when we should have smoothened out any kinks and removed problems encountered in the beta version.

By using the ERP facility, you are accepting Artisan Furniture’s Terms and Conditions.

Flo’s capabilities are constantly being improved, and you can view all of the functionalities that can be managed by Flo by clicking here.TB

How the system works
  • Go to
  • Type in your username & password. This would be the same as your trade account login details.
  • You’ll see three tabs on the top of the ERP page — Dashboard, Products and API Manager

Dashboard simply contains this guide and gives you an overview of the ERP process

API Manager is where the magic happens.

  • To start the sync process for Shopify, you need to enter the details of your Shopify account URL.
  • Then, the platform will prompt you to enter username and password details of your Shopify account.
  • Once connected, the products will automatically start syncing. The process may take a few hours to complete and you can see the progress for individual products under the Products
  • Products will be shown under “Draft” on your Shopify account. Once you convert the purchase prices to your selling prices, you may make them live and available for purchase.
  • To start the sync process for your website, you need to enter the webhook associated with your website.
  • The webhook will send a status code that lets your platform sync to ours.
  • Once connected, the products will automatically start syncing. The process may take a few hours to complete and you can see the progress for individual products under the Products
  • Products will be shown under “Draft” on your website. Once you convert the purchase prices to your selling prices, you may make them live and available for purchase.

Products lets you view all the products in the Artisan database.

  • You can view their stock level, estimated time of restocking, product dimensions, photos and other details.
  • Importantly, as soon as you sync your platforms with ERP on the API Manager page, the products will begin to sync automatically.
  • You can see the syncing progress for each product

Simple as that! You’ll now be completely synced with our servers and product information as well as stock information will be communicated almost at real time without needing manual intervention.

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