Discover the Timeless Elegance of Grey Chesterfield Sofas

Embrace the quintessential charm of a grey Chesterfield sofa, a piece that brings together the classic design with a modern hue for a truly timeless look. Our Chesterfield sofa grey collection is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that each sofa embodies the elegance and comfort that Chesterfield is renowned for.

Our grey Chesterfield sofas are more than just a seating arrangement; they are a statement of sophistication and timeless design. The Chesterfield sofa velvet options we provide are made with the finest materials, offering a luxurious touch and feel that is unparalleled. These velvet Chesterfield sofas are a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic.

The Chesterfield velvet sofa is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. With a robust and resilient frame wrapped in plush velvet, our sofas offer an invitation to luxurious comfort. The grey Chesterfield is versatile, able to stand out as a centerpiece or blend harmoniously with other decors.

Elevate your living space with our grey velvet Chesterfield chair, a companion piece that complements the sofa to create a cohesive and inviting ambiance. For those who prefer a different texture, our grey leather Chesterfield sofas provide a classic, easy-to-maintain option that ages beautifully over time.

Offering furniture sofa direct from manufacturer, Artisan Furniture UK ensures you receive the highest quality at the best value. Our grey velvet Chesterfield sofas are a testament to our commitment to direct-to-customer excellence.

The grey linen Chesterfield sofa variant introduces a light and breathable fabric choice that offers a casual yet sophisticated feel, suitable for any season. And for the modern home, our grey modern Chesterfield sofa marries the old with the new, featuring clean lines and minimalist design elements that still hold true to the Chesterfield legacy.

With Artisan Furniture UK, every sofa tells a story of heritage, comfort, and style. As dropshipping and wholesale specialists, we offer a range of options that make luxury accessible and business seamless. Discover the elegance of grey with our Chesterfield collection, and let the legacy of this iconic design be a part of your story.

Grey Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Trade Grey Velvet Chesterfield Sofa wholesale or dropshipped by Artisan Furniture UK

co2 carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint:
Average CO2 for this product is 3.65kg

  • Solid Wood Structure

  • Mango Wood

  • Crafted By Hand

  • Walnut

  • Knock Down

  • Secure Packaging

  • Palett Delivery

  • FREE Shipping - UK mainland only

  • Available ‘on demand’ with a minimum lead time of 8 to 12 weeks

  • Next Container Arrives: -

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Hardware Specification

Small Screw 30mm

Long Screw 50mm


Legs (4 legs – set of 2)

Country of Origin India
EAN 8906057243723

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