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Amazon is the largest e-commerce aggregator in the world, which makes it the perfect marketplace to sell your goods. An Amazon seller account has a massive advantage over running your own website – at least initially, many more people are likely to come across your goods and buy them. Dropship does the rest – you don’t need to package, store or package products at all, it’s all handled by your dropship wholesaler. This is also why having a good dropshipper with affordable pricing, fast delivery and effective customer service is key to running an e-commerce business.

But how do you make money on Amazon? Well it’s similar to other e-commerce aggregators, and indeed individual websites. You choose products that fit in well with your target market in terms of designs as well as price range. Whether it be expensive products or mid range, everything has a market – it’s only a matter of finding one that has enough demand for what you’re selling. Indeed, your good should be relatively unique while also not being too niche – there should be appropriate demand, especially on Amazon. Goods like furniture, jewellery and accessories do very well on the website; you should be looking for the perfect dropship wholesaler to partner with in order to exploit the market.

However, the problem arises when you sell solely on your own website and therefore have to compete with Amazon sellers who may have similar products. Amazon is much more visible, and lots of potential buyers might look to find goods on Amazon before looking elsewhere. It’s simply more convenient and offers more choice. So how does one compete?

It’s simple – differentiate yourself from the plethora of sellers that crowd Amazon’s pages. Whether it be through a premium price and product, more niche goods or selling something that’s not widely available on Amazon, there’s always something you can do in order to divert traffic to you. Plenty of people avoid buying expensive furniture off Amazon due to concerns over warranty and quality, there’s a large market out there if you’re willing to exploit it. It follows that other goods also have booming markets outside of Amazon, it’s a matter of finding them and acquiring a good wholesaler to help you in utilising them.

Social media has made advertising and marketing relatively easier than in the days when radio and television were the only mass media available. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort to increase your website’s profile, hence increasing demand. You can use social media channels to spread the word about your company for little to no money, and hence set yourself apart from the hundreds of Amazon sellers in your market. They have the added advantage of Amazon’s name recognition but you’re free to advertise and attract buyers to your website. You have absolute control – use it!

So there you have it. Amazon can be both a blessing and a curse for e-commerce businesses looking to use dropship to make money. But using these methods, you can use Amazon to get a higher volume of orders, and if you have your own website, create demand while competing with it! It’s not impossible, like every part of running a business, it simply needs sustained effort and commitment. You’ll have a flourishing online business in no time.

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