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Dropship Suppliers UK no minimum order – Although running an ecommerce b2b online store in the united kingdom, dropshipping business eliminates the intrinsic tensions of keeping and shipping inventory, this type of company still needs determination and an effective organisation plan to be successful. You must have the ability to create sales and market your products to ensure that your company is lucrative. There will, usually, be sufficient earning margins to make your service lucrative, however you need to make consistent sales in order to have a constant income. This is what a print on demand business is all about after all, there are no subscriptions that will grant you money orders regularly. Per-order income is the key for your e-commerce website.

There are numerous things to consider when you open a store, but among the most essential considerations is choosing a supplier – if you want to keep stock or buy furniture from a wholesale supplier. If you pick this type of model to save inventory, you must acquire products wholesale, store, unpack and ship them to purchasers of your products.

On the other hand, the dropship service strategy can be incredibly rewarding if executed effectively. Keeping inventory in-store can be exceptionally costly and unneeded for the majority of businesses. Developing a drop ship organisation will give you the flexibility and versatility to focus all your efforts into producing sales and increasing your marketing reach. A drop ship wholesale service provider can handle all the complex information related to packing and shipping your products, while you just concentrate on making sales.

Is dropshipping legal in the UK?

It is a legal and sure-fire technique to get your business running! Should you only be targeting the UK audience? The truth is, you’ll find the most significant drop shipping customer market in the UK. This is the nation where the concept has been developed the most. For this reason, from the consumer’s viewpoint, the British are more confident in such companies than people of another country. However, this doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t have willing consumers – a global reach is important to a successful business. You’ll be competing with brands and online retailers across the world, from the midlands to London. Getting your name on all the directories you can is key.

How do I find suppliers for dropshipping?

Picking suppliers is a vital step that every dropshipping company needs to take. However, there are so many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when you’re looking for dropshipping providers. Even if you already understand which products you wish to offer, and you’re certain that they’ll prove to be successful for your organisation, you need to make sure that you discover dropshipping suppliers that can provide the premium service that your business, and clients, need. Apart from bad reviews, negative feedback, and inexpensive large-quantity products, there are other elements that can expect from a bad dropshipping supplier. If a dropship provider firmly insists on monthly or continuous charges to do service with them, this is certainly a bad sign. Continuous charges such as packing slips might mean a provider becomes part of a directory instead of a single supplier.

How do I start a dropshipping business UK?

A dropshipping service is still a business, even if it is really one of many online storefronts. It must follow many of the same guidelines as a conventional organisation. Dropshipping may take place online, but it still needs to be carried out according to the law. If you do not follow these important rules, you’ll encounter problems. The bottom line: it’s best to be integrated prior to connecting to providers. You can sell on amazon, alibaba, shopify, aliexpress and of course the lesser known alibaba, cdiscount and salehoo.So, by now, you are most likely aware of what drop-shipping is, if you’re not, then you can find out more on that on our website. The next most often asked concern tends to be “just how much cash do you require to begin furniture dropshipping?” Well, fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to start a dropshipping service without much cash. There is no need for you to keep stock, and hence have capital tied up indefinitely. You only need to pay for orders as your customers place them, without hassling about storage, packaging and shipping. Therefore, there is no initial investment required and the running costs are reasonable as well.It’s important as an ecommerce website and an online store to have all the payment methods you can. This is true regardless of whether you’re on shopfiy or amazon or indeed your own online storefront. You must allow customers to use digital wallets like apple pay, paypal google pay, and of course credit cards. The biggest ones are mastercard, American express and visa

Who is the best drop shipping company?

This is a difficult question to answer because there cannot be a single best dropshipping company for every situation. However, in their niche, Artisan Furniture are one of the best around. With their own factory, they’re able to offer products at comparatively lower costs with the assurance of high standards for both their goods and the artisan who make them. There’s no sign up, or monthly fee, and you’re free to market your products as you please as long as it doesn’t conflict with the artisan brand. The sign up can be done on their website in under a minute!

Guide to choosing a furniture supplier

Furniture is a business that’s heavily reliant on the supplier you use, even more so than other sectors. This is due to the unique position a furniture seller is in – there are a plethora of options you can choose in terms of products, and the variety is immense. Even if you have a specific style in mind, say the Victorian gothic or the modern Scandinavian, it’s a challenge to find the right supplier who fits your specifications within a reasonable price range. Every single furniture supplier has a unique portfolio and style of manufacturing and this is even more so for handmade furniture such as that of Artisan Furniture. Handmade goods are unique, which is why choosing the right supplier is essential – a quality product, on a reasonable timescale and price, sets the perfect foundation for a healthy and growing business

There’s a massive amount of advice across the internet, but it’s usually fairly vague. Every company has its own specific circumstances and it’s impossible to suggest a supplier without knowing the exact requirements needed and the price range within which they wish to operate. That being said, advice based on the 5 main forms of selling – retail, dropship, wholesale, distribution through stockists and selling directly from overseas factories, can be much more helpful. The companies and means suggested can also lead to a point from which to do further research and find suppliers that are a perfect fit for the company.

This is the most saturated market because you sell directly to the public and hence the potential to make profits is incredibly high, even if it’s fairly difficult to get there. Retail means you’ll compete with both large companies such as made.com, wayfair.co.uk and loaf.com as well as smaller, independent retailers over the internet. It’s key to find a supplier that helps you target your niche.

Without a well defined niche in the market, it’s difficult to gain a foothold and hence revenue. There’s too much competition to sell generic products and increase sales. The key here is to use online marketing to display your products across your web, and emphasise the niche you occupy. For example, a furniture retailer that’s targeting children’s furniture should base arounds around their target audience of parents. Once you know all these bits, you can move on to your requirements in a supplier.

Price is one the main determinants of a supplier. It’s always wise to reconcile price with quantity – the cheapest supplier isn’t always the best one and often suppliers with higher costs have good reasons behind them. But, of course, take price into account when taking a decision. Further, the quality of the product is one of the most important things you should look at for every single type of furniture selling.

Good quality attracts customers and keeps them coming back, while poor quality goods simply lead to lower revenue in the long run. Use stock samples to gauge quality before placing any product into production. There is no substitute for physically checking products for retail – it’s especially important in this model because you sell directly to the public and there are no other intermediaries in the middle.

The last major point you need to be aware of is the supplier’s returns policy. This is particularly important for retail because you sell directly to the public and if they decide to return it for any reason, you can’t pass on the costs to someone else. A reasonable returns policy that fits your business model is essential to a growing business.

Dropship is one of the newest means of supply. This involves using a dropshipper to ship goods directly to your customer’s doorstep when they buy something from your website. This is particularly effective for new businesses because a large amount of capital is not needed and they don’t need to have massive prior experience in packaging, storage and transport.

One of the most important aspects you’ll need to look into is the experience the dropshipper has in the field and their industry reputation. Companies like Artisan Furniture specialise in handcrafted goods – so if you’re targeting a clientele that’s inclined towards artisanal, handmade products. Reputation can be gauged though reviews and word of mouth through your contacts, if you have any.

The quality and standard of packaging is key to a happy customer – a product can be brilliant but if it arrives broken, it’ll lead to returns and losses. Many companies offer specialised e-commerce packaging that’s drop and damage resistant – this may cost more than the usual cardboard packaging but it’s definitely worth it. Ship a product to your door to analyse how effectively it has been packaged and shipped, only then should you take a decision on the supplier.

Customer support is required in dropship because your dropshipper handles a whole segment of your business from packaging to transport, and any problems that arise will have to be answered for by you. 24 hour quality support is one of the things you should look for, and do always do a ‘blind call’ to your dropshipper to resolve a query before deciding to partner with them.

Dropshippers that charge monthly fees simply to use their catalogue and work with them are usually not legitimate and may just be middlemen without their own facilities. The terms of payment can be decided, you either pay every month or pay per order placed. But monthly fees are something you should avoid. Legitimate dropshippers such as Artisan Furniture will always grant you access to their catalogue when you work with them.

Whereas dropship as a means of sourcing is particularly effective for newer business with low capital stocks, wholesale is the way go to go for more established businesses that can afford to buy in larger quantities. Dropship is a useful supply method, but it has its downsides. The chief of which is the higher price due to the lower quantities bought. This is a blow to the final prices and can lead to less competitive pricing, at least initially.

Wholesale alleviates this problem, which is why many businesses choose to buy in bulk as soon as they are able to. Acquiring goods wholesale has multiple advantages and this includes lower prices and swifter delivery because the goods are already on a production line. Therefore, pricing is the thing you should look at first for wholesale suppliers.

Several companies such as Artisan Furniture have both a dropship and wholesale division with similar catalogues, simply at different prices and delivery times. Look at the difference between wholesale and dropship prices, as well as the time at which they can be delivered. The bigger the difference, the more you can save when you switch to wholesale.

The ability of the company to provide bespoke furniture is another indicator of its effectiveness as a supplier. The flexibility offered varies from company to company, and some such as Artisan Furniture which own their factory can offer a high degree of customisation. Others including Coachhouse may not be able to offer massive bespoke features but are enough to change key elements of a product. This is something you should look at before partnering with a wholesaler, especially if you’re planning to ask for customisation.

Packaging is also key to wholesale due to the quantities shipped. Good quality packaging ensures reduced breakages over long sea voyages, especially as goods are packed together. Asking for a sample shipment is the least you should do to check the quality of packaging – it’s likely to yield happy customers in the long run.

Distribution through stockists
This is an entirely different means of supply to wholesale and dropship – although it’s not entirely separable from them. Stockists are simply companies, or divisions of companies, who’s function is to store stock and ship it off to their designated regions. A plethora of European companies have stockists in the UK as the US to ensure quick delivery and a lowered chance of breakage.

The real brains behind the operation are the companies themselves so it’s important to research them before signing up to buy goods from the stockists’ warehouses. Do the same research you’d do when you scout suppliers in general, they aren’t any different from regular suppliers except for the fact that delivery and packaging is outsourced and it may lead to shorter delivery times. The price, quality and selection offered are all key things you should look at.

The main benefit of stockists is their fast delivery times coupled with a lower transit distance, which may be relevant in terms of reducing customer’s carbon footprint. Therefore, look at location. If you’re based in the UK and the majority of your clients are from the south of England, you’re much more likely to receive better delivery times from a stockist near London or Bournemouth than, say, Liverpool.

Finally, it’s helpful to look at the packaging and delivery procedures in these stockists’ warehouses. If you cannot visit them yourself, ask for a virtual tour or send a trusted agent to inspect it on your behalf. The swiftness of delivery is determined by the efficiency of its various steps – automated conveyor belts, barcoded packaging etc are key to determining if a stockist is the right one for you.

Direct from Overseas Factories
This is the most complex means of sourcing due to the legal and technical hassles involved. Importing goods is a difficult process, but it can be worth it under the right circumstances. You’ll need to do a cost benefit analysis to see if importing is for you – it’s a trade-off between time, effort and legal hassles and lower prices with more designs. Importing directly from a factory cuts costs massively because you cut off every intermediary and buy directly from the source – this is likely to give you more flexibility over the product.

The main factor that’s important is the quality of the facilities, since the factory is located in a foreign country. You’ll need an in country agent or an industry insider to physically inspect the products and facilities on a frequent basis. This included things such as a painting booth, carving machinery and good quality respiratory protection. This is all important to quality furniture.

Customisation and variety in design are important when it comes to overseas factories. The element of customisation offered is important if that’s something you look for, and the prices at which goods can be customised. Due to the scope of production, there’s usually a large variety of designs on the catalogue and you should always research this catalogue before making a decision on partnering with them to see if these products are a good fit for your catalogue.

Experience in international shipping, especially in your target market is also an important factor in choosing to partner with them. Every country operates their own unique trading system with rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. If your manufacturer already ships to the country, it gives you a massive advantage insofar as they’re already aware of all the rules they need to follow. The best option is to find a company that has its own factory but also operates a warehouse and a front office in your market. These are rare but rewarding – you’ll have people in the country you can stay in contact with, and can buy goods from warehouses in your country at essentially factory prices. Artisan Furniture is one of these companies, they operate factory units across north India with warehouses in England and an office in central London. It’s truly the best of both worlds – customer support and shipping from the UK with factory prices.

Now you’ve seen some of the factors to consider when choosing a furniture supplier – some of these are specific to your means of sourcing, while others such as price and quality are largely universal. Take an informed decision before choosing to partner with a supplier. With all the advice in the world, research is the key.

To those of us who have recently joined Artisan Furniture in its journey to support independent business owners across the world, below are some of the salient features of our renowned dropship program:
  • 60 second sign up process
  • No set up fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No stock holding requirements
  • No minimum order restrictions
  • No monthly value restrictions
  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • Extensive worldwide dropship delivery program
  • No RRP restrictions in any market
  • 1000’s of SKU’s
  • Bespoke options on all products
  • Self Service Trade account dashboard
  • Downloadable product data CSV’s
  • Downloadable product images
  • Downloadable stock feed
  • Chat support
  • Customer support through online tickets
For those retailers who wish to avail themselves of extra discount, and who have the space or infrastructure to cope, then Artisan Furniture also offer a special Wholesale Program.
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