Solid mango wood and sheesham wood

Artistic handmade furniture constructed from solid mango wood and sheesham wood.

When you think of Indian furniture – either in store or online furniture purchase – mango wood and sheesham wood comes on top of our thinking process.

Needless to say these country styles, Nordic or French style furniture pieces are unique in texture, finish and workmanship. These are long lasting and sturdy pieces.

Well skilled artisans are able to convert raw timber into unique handmade pieces of furniture. This art is inherited over generations.

Amazing grain pattern, knots and configuration makes it more unique and every piece is different – like snowflakes.

Whether you are looking for a sideboard, console table or bedside cabinet – mango and sheesham wood are the perfect companions.

These products and a lot more can be polished in either natural finish or dark stains such as cherry, rosewood, antique pine or mahogany.

Brass hardware and accessories are the added features for these furniture artefacts.

Enjoy these handmade furniture pieces coming out of northern state of Rajasthan.

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Solid mango wood and sheesham wood

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