On Demand Service – Wholesale and Drop Ship

Explaining On-Demand Service

If you don’t have the room/resources to buy a complete container load, we have a convenient service called ‘on-demand’ which is only applicable within the UK.

Under the valid product you will see a grey status bar stating Available ‘on demand’ with a lead time of 8-12 weeks which means if you are not looking for a container but still want access to these products then this service is suitable for you.

The On-demand service is a sub category within the drop ship program. Once you sign up for a trade account, you will be able to view all of our trade prices and start placing orders, bearing in mind the lead time of up to 8-12 weeks.

Advantages of the On-Demand Service

  • No minimum order for value or volume
  • Have access to additional products
  • Customization is available for every product

Limitations of the On-Demand Service

  • The service is only applicable to UK based companies
  • Avail up to 50% off the listed trade prices’ is NOT applicable
  • Design exclusivity restrictions apply for On-Demand products


Restrictions regarding exclusivity

Though we understand our customers would like to use our entire portfolio of products some products do carry restrictions with regards to sale in a particular country. This means certain products may not be available to be marketed in a given country. For more details get in touch with one of the members of our team who can assist you further. Exclusivity restrictions are only applicable for wholesale and the on-demand program.

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