Furniture Manufacturers

With numerous home furniture producers on the marketplace, it can be hard to know who is a trustworthy producer producing top-notch home furnishings as opposed to those who are producing inexpensive furnishings not constructed to last. It’s not an easy distinction to make, but it’s one that’s incredibly important to all e-commerce businesses. At Artisan Furniture, we only stock quality hand made furnishings by our own experienced artisans, so you don’t need to make a decision on choosing a home furniture supplier – we’re one with our own factory, artisans and designs to create the best handmade goods for you.

Furniture production is a remarkable business, however, like any production field, it is continuously changing. Companies are constantly under pressure to update their items and processes to attract and please clients, and only the most innovative and efficient can make it through in the long rung.

Bedroom furniture manufacturers

We are bedroom furniture makers for retail and hospitality companies worldwide. We have put some of our best work below, taken from tasks we’ve worked on, to reveal exquisite craftsmanship and versatility of production owing to our Jaipur factory. We have the ability to take on any type of project, and our manufacturing capabilities allow us to deal with large scale bespoke tasks.

Office furniture manufacturers

As one of the UK’s leading furniture wholesalers dispersing an extensive product variety throughout the UK and the rest of the world, Artisan’s handmade furnishings ranges include a substantial product portfolio. This ranges from writing desks and cushioned office chairs to tea tables and carefully crafted armoires.

Contract furniture manufacturers

Artisan Contract is one of a limited variety of quality UK contract furnishing manufacturers with over 20 years of experience. With an internal development team, the business has the ability to offer bespoke business furnishings designed to cater for the private tastes and requirements of a diverse customer base. Onsite furniture making facilities ensure the business can cater for practically any premises including cafes, bars, hotels, clubs, dining establishments or the general public sector.

British furniture manufacturers

Who are the largest furniture manufacturers?

  • Artisan is always in the conversation when questions like these come up – with our manufacturing facilities in Asia and offices in two continents, Artisan has the ability to ship across the world and cater for diverse consumer tastes. Their volume can be scaled highly, making them one of the largest furniture manufacturers.

What is the best brand of furniture?

  • This would depend largely on your taste in furniture, whether it be Scandinavian, rustic or shabby chic. For handmade, solid-wood products, Artisan Furniture is one of the best brands for wide ranging, affordable furniture. Indeed, they have a plethora of collections for multiple tastes – classically victorian or nordic minimalist, there’s something for every taste.

How is the furniture made?

  • Unlike the majority of furniture manufactures who’s products are sold across the globe, Artisan Furniture’s manufacturing unit is based around the local artisan community. The artisans use their skills, honed over generations, to carefully craft goods. These goods are all slightly different, reflecting the artisan who made them. The product you get is truly yours.
To those of us who have recently joined Artisan Furniture in its journey to support independent business owners across the world, below are some of the salient features of our renowned dropship program:
  • 60 second sign up process
  • No set up fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No stock holding requirements
  • No minimum order restrictions
  • No monthly value restrictions
  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • Extensive worldwide dropship delivery program
  • No RRP restrictions in any market
  • 1000’s of SKU’s
  • Bespoke options on all products
  • Self Service Trade account dashboard
  • Downloadable product data CSV’s
  • Downloadable product images
  • Downloadable stock feed
  • Chat support
  • Customer support through online tickets
For those retailers who wish to avail themselves of extra discount, and who have the space or infrastructure to cope, then Artisan Furniture also offer a special Wholesale Program.
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