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British Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers – Every reseller, trader, drop-shopper aspires to buy products directly from the manufacturers. This not only minimises the supply chain length but also eliminates intermediaries such as agents, importers, retailers and stockists – leading to better prices and bigger margins.

It’s generally difficult to find wholesalers who have the facility and infrastructure to manufacture products too. Artisan Furniture is one of the very few companies who have the greenback manufacturing facilities as well as research, sales and distribution facilities to facilitate a wholesale business direct from the source.

This provides customers with multiple choices such as wholesale as well as Drop ship facilities.

Manufacturing is a difficult and challenging aspect of any business and the below parameters define the success (or failure) of a manufacturing company or a wholesale manufacturer- if you prefer to call it this way.

  • Cost of raw material – This is the most important aspect while deciding on the scope of manufacturing any product. It’s vital of have a steady flow of supply.
  • Abundance of manpower / labour – This is equally critical to run the operations successfully and to have a seamless coordination between man and machine, labour and capital.
  • Social and other legal compliance’s – This is one of the most important factor and is ‘a make or break’ aspect for any business due to heightened environmental, social, legal and safety concerns.
  • Demand for the product – The product must fit in within the desired category and should be fit to purpose. Furthermore customers are willing to accept the product based on the pricing, quality and design parameters.
  • Quality control – This is a very important part of any manufacturing process and it requires not only added skill sets but also the culture to create a quality product. Artisan Furniture has FWA approved products.
  • Product pricing: This entirely depends on the the way manufacturer wants to pitch the product. This can be high end like a Coach bag or mid end like a product from Artisan Furniture, or even a low priced product from Primark.
  • Volume discount: Wholesale business is all dependent on the volume discount against the order size. Larger the order size generally means bigger the discount.
  • Sales and marketing: This activity is normally taken care by the buyer / end retailer. Sometimes it’s pitched as a private label and at times as an OEM. In case of Artisan Furniture the product is generally pitched as ‘white label’ furniture.

In the case of Artisan Furniture – the company proudly ticks all the above parameters including but not limited to responsible forestry, social compliance, abundance of skilled artisans, product pricing, free delivery and a large customer base comprising of drop ship resellers, retailers, wholesalers as well as stockist, distributors and importers.

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