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Our Granary Royale Collection offers a simple, elegant, British country charm style. Our Granary Royale products have all been constructed from 100% Solid Mango wood, built with sustainably sourced timbers and finished in a beautiful distressed oak-ish or rich honey colour.

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Every single product is individually hand-crafted; and all of our products offer a slightly different design and pattern due to them being handmade. We offer many furniture options in this style from bedsides, media units, console tables to dining tables and chairs. Because of the classic, rustic design the furniture suits most decors in homes or living spaces and can be easily incorporated with pieces from other collections being vintage or modern. Every piece has a lacquer finish top to ensure the product is long lasting and can withstand years of use. Most of our products have shiny antique brass knobs to add some character and style to the piece. This collection is available to order from both sides of our business either the drop ship or wholesale side meaning, you can shortlist the products and order as a 20ft or 40ft container with minimum order value restrictions or purchase directly through the drop shipping side of the business in which there is no minimum order for the value or volume.

Buying Furniture from wholesale dropshippers like Artisan Furniture UK


When you’re looking for great furniture, why not shop at wholesale furniture dropshippers like Artisan Furniture UK? You can get the same quality as you would find in retail stores without having to pay retail prices. And when you buy directly from wholesale suppliers, it’s easy to save money on shipping costs and get a good price on your new furnishings.

For the best in wholesale furniture, contact Artisan Furniture UK.

Artisan Furniture UK is a great place to buy furniture. Artisan Furniture has a wide selection of high quality and reasonably priced furniture, available in a range of styles and designs. They also have a good reputation for quality, service and price. If you’re looking for wholesale furniture or drop shipping services, then Artisan Furniture UK is the right choice!

Buying direct from wholesale furniture dropshippers can help you get a better price on your furnishings.

Buying direct from a wholesale supplier can save you money. Furniture wholesalers provide products at lower prices than retail stores do, and they also offer a higher level of service than many traditional furniture retailers. Dropshipping is an option for people who don’t want to deal with shipping, or for those who want to focus on marketing and sales.

Dropshipping is advantageous for many sellers because it is relatively hassle free.

When dropshipping, there are no hassles for the seller. The seller does not have to worry about shipping products, dealing with returns or customer service. They also do not need to worry about storage space or insurance because they are shipping their goods directly from the warehouse.

Besides being hassle-free, dropshipping is advantageous because it allows you to buy in bulk without worrying about storage space or insurance fees. Not only this but you can make money by selling products in your own country as well as overseas.

Find out about shipping charges and delivery time before ordering.

  • Shipping charges: You should be aware of what shipping charges are, how long it will take to get your furniture, and if there are any additional costs involved.
  • Delivery time: Find out how long it will take before your furniture is delivered and when it can be expected by.
  • Return policy: Make sure you understand the return policy in case something goes wrong or doesn’t suit your needs.

Buying direct lets you get the best price on good quality furniture.

  • Buying direct can help you avoid paying high markups.
  • Buying direct can help you get better quality furniture at a cheaper price.
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler, if possible.


The best way to get a good deal on your wholesale furniture is by purchasing directly from a dropship company. They have an extensive range of products and can offer you some incredible deals on all kinds of products including tables, chairs, sofas and much more! When you buy direct from them there are no middlemen taking commission off every sale so this means that the price will be lower than anywhere else. In addition if there is anything wrong with your order then it will be replaced or refunded straight away without any hassle!

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