Dropship and Wholesale Candles & Candle Holders

Artisan Furniture’s wholesale and dropshipping programme is very popular with customers of candles and incense sticks. You’ll find the best quality, artisan products on the website that are handmade in small hamlets in the northern regions of India. Indeed, the scents are all naturally occurring in that environment. From the sweet, organic scent of the Kashmiri rose to the calming accents of lavender, there are scents and products for every home or workplace environment.

These artisanal product use a combination of the age-old experience of the artisan families and modern technology to better infuse the natural scents into the candles and incense sticks. The dropship and wholesale programmes provide the best financial and logistical option for small retailers across the globe. This included e-commerce websites operating from a China based supply chain, to brick and mortar shops that cannot afford to hold a large degree of stock. Both of these are well covered by the wholesale and dropship programme. It can offer varied services to big importers who can use high quantities to acquire lower prices through wholesale, as well as dropship that supports independent retailers and other small companies who cannot afford to keep an entire stockage, packaging and shipping operation.

Candles and incense sticks are especially popular in the small accessory market due to their affordable nature and how they can improve the atmosphere of a living space. They do well in both smaller and larger places depending on their diffusion strength. Incense sticks these days are also firesafe and create smaller smoke plumes, making them affective for small spaces and longer timescales. In contrast, there are brighter, luminous candles that light up a room with ease and can be the room’s centrepiece. You can find products between these two types that service a huge variety of rooms, spaces and offices.

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