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A clock is a tool for keeping track of time and displaying it. One of the earliest inventions made by humans, the clock satisfies the desire to keep track of time with an ever-beneficial presence.
One of the most crucial items in human society is the clock. Time is the basis for all we know, including daily activities, TV shows, and travel. In densely populated areas, it often takes us less than five minutes to spot a clock. Many individuals will consider a clock to be nothing more than a timepiece.

A sundial displays the location of a shadow on a flat surface to indicate the time. Some ancient timepieces that predate the contemporary clock may be categorised as “clocks” because they are based on the natural movement of time. The water clock may have been one of the earliest methods of measuring time.

The development of the verge escapement, which was made feasible by the earliest mechanical clocks in Europe around the year 1300 and kept time with oscillating timekeepers. Balance wheels, was a significant step forward.
Up until the invention of the pendulum clock in 1656, the first mechanical clocks were created in Europe from the beginning of the 14th century. The current timekeeping devices we have today are the result of numerous factors coming together throughout time.

The inventor is typically recognised as Christiaan Huygens. He created the first pendulum-driven clock and came up with the mathematical equation that connected pendulum length to time.

Clocks can be placed in all types of environments from the home to the office. A clock is seen as a priority and Artisan Furniture can help you with this. With all types of styles and sizes you can always meet your taste and needs.
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