Fireplace Tool Sets

Fireplace tool sets:
By using this equipment, handling a fire is possible without running the danger of burns or blisters. A fireplace poker is a short, stiff rod made of fireproof material that can be used to stir up a fire as well as modify the burning of coal and wood in a fireplace. We advise you to locate a poker with an insulated handle so that you won’t get burned when using this equipment. You will be able to find these soon in Artisan Furniture. You can use a poker to Push logs around with the pointed end to create more air pockets. Our poker will have a hook end, this means you can grab and pull the logs to create even more space. A fireplace poker is made fully of steel and is essential in maintaining your fireplace.

Common fire-tongs are used to pick up coal chunks and add them to a fire without getting your fingers dirty or burned. With the aid of your poker, you can safely move flaming wood about, but what if you need to pick up a log? Tongs for the fireplace can come in handy here. With tongs, moving and handling firewood is possible without running the risk of getting burned.

A fireplace shovel is used to manage the ash layer in the fireplace. You have three options for getting rid of the ash totally, partially, or by simply removing it altogether. A shovel is simply used to put and remove coal from the fireplace.

A fireplace tool set is essential in maintaining your fireplace and you don’t need to look no further for high quality equipment than Artisan furniture.

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