Dropship and Wholesale Glassware and Trinkets

Artisan Furniture’s glassware collection is available for both dropship and wholesale with free delivery within the British mainland. Popular in both living and working spaces, this type of homeware accessory is usually imported from Asia. Countries like India and especially China use artisanal techniques of glassblowing and carving to create a large collection of products for consumers across the world.
Whether you’re catering to a high end market or offering affordable products for the average home, glassware can be a very popular item for all sorts of retailers. E-commerce sellers and brick and mortar shops need fast selling products with an efficient logistical chain. This is where Artisan Furniture’s dropship programme comes in. They can handle all the packaging, storage and shipping parts of the business in order to let their customers focus on marketing.
Multiple types of glassware are available on the Artisan website for a wide variety of homes and offices. These include drinking implements like jugs, glasses and cups, and even carved glass bowls. Glass candlesticks and votive candleholders area also popular among customers. Further, decorative glass accessories, especially wall mounted ones, are increasing in popularity. They can increase the aesthetics of a room, such as the bedroom, kitchen or living room, without taking up much space. They’re very sturdy and have clean lines to blend in with the room.

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