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Earth is modelled spherically on a globe. Globes are a scaled down size of earth taking on a similar purpose to a map just more accurate in depiction. Land masses and aquatic bodies can be seen on a terrestrial globe. A celestial globe is a replica of the celestial sphere. The positions of other well-known astronomical objects may also be shown on a celestial globe together with noteworthy stars.

Martin Behaim created the Erdapfel, the earliest surviving terrestrial globe, in 1492. The Farnese Atlas, which was carved during the Roman Empire in the second century, is home to the earliest surviving celestial globe.
The Latin word globus, which means “sphere,” is where the term “globe” originates.

Historically, globes were created by adhering a printed paper map to a sphere, which was frequently constructed of wood. Thermoplastic is frequently used to make modern globes. One of the Earth’s hemispheres is distortedly depicted on flat, plastic discs. A machine uses this to form the disc into a hemispherical shape. The hemisphere is joined with its polar opposite to create the full globe.
A well as being a beautiful decorative piece it can also be used for educational purposes. Whether you’re a child or adult a globe can always bring entertainment while also being a great discussion piece.

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