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Jewellery box:
Musical jewellery boxes became the newest craze later in the 19th century. A Swiss watchmaker named Antoine Favre first created a music box in 1502, and another Swiss watchmaker named Charles Reuge recreated it in 1865 to house jewellery.

Jewellery boxes can come in all different shapes and sizes with varying designs. It helps add a beauty element to your jewellery can really be sentimental. It helps keep everything organised avoiding losing expensive pieces and can even be used to store small household items.

Jewellery is stored safely, transported easily, and presented beautifully using jewellery boxes. Jewellery boxes can be customised to fit the product properly, and the proper accessories ensure that the jewellery will remain in its proper location even if it is bumped.

The Egyptians thought that wearing particular kinds of jewellery would be advantageous in the afterlife. They had mastered the art of handcrafting wooden chests and boxes that could be used to store jewellery and other priceless possessions. Every Egyptian, no matter how wealthy or poor, needed one of these storage boxes.

In order to be produced in large quantities and made readily available, many jewellery boxes are now made from materials including leather, resin, and less expensive materials. However, the velvet and satin jewellery trends from the past have persisted.

Look out for new jewellery boxes coming soon to Artisan Furniture.

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