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New Accessories Arriving – Autumn 2022

  • in1758 1
    Ruby Red Single Jewellery Box
  • in1757 1
    Royal Blue Single Jewellery Box
  • in1756 1
    Fuchsia Pink Single Jewellery Box
  • in1755 1
    Black Single Jewellery Box
  • in1761 1
    Rose Red Double Jewellery Box
  • in1754 1
    Navy Double Jewellery Box
  • in1753 1
    Ruby Red Double Jewellery Box
  • in1752 1
    Fuchsia Pink Double Jewellery Box
  • in1751 1
    Royal Blue Double Jewellery Box
  • in1750 1
    Violet Double Jewellery Box
  • in1749 1
    Black Double Jewellery Box
  • Tealight Candle Holder (4)
    Tealight Candle Holder Set of 18 pieces
  • Fairy Wall Hanging
    Fairy Wall Hanging Set of 16 pieces
  • Bronze Coiled Rattlesnake Figurine
    Bronze Coiled Rattlesnake Figurine Set of 18 pieces
  • Bronze Finish Pug Figurine
    Bronze Finish Pug Figurine Set of 16 units
  • Bronze Finish Large Elephant Figurine
    Copper Finish Large Elephant Figurine Set of 2 pieces
  • Small Copper Brushed Elephant Figurine
    Small Copper Brushed Elephant Figurine Set of 3 units
  • Large Silver Elephant Figurine
    Silver Elephant Figurine Set of 6 pieces
  • Coiled Rattlesnake
    Coiled Rattlesnake Set of 18 pieces
  • Iggy the Iguana
    Iggy the Iguana Set of 18 pieces
  • Silver Cheetah Figurine
    Silver Cheetah Figurine Set of 12 pieces
  • Nordic Style Cut-out Pet Bed
  • Mosaic Wall Mirror
    Mosaic Wall Mirror
  • White Cross Base Resin Cake Stand
    White Cross Base Resin Cake Stand
  • closeout
    Small Copper Brushed Elephant Figurine
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