Tissue Box

Tissue boxes serve a similar function as accent pillows on your sofa or other home furnishings in that they can be both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Having tissue boxes in every room of your home during allergy or flu season may be essential.

Due to their cardboard construction, tissue boxes can be recycled with other cardboard products. To look more polished and be reused, they can also be constructed with a finer design using materials like marble or glass.

The first Kleenex facial tissues, as they are currently called, were released by Kimberly-Clark in 1924. It was created as a way to remove chilled cream. Early Kleenex advertising included endorsements from movie stars who used Kleenex to remove their theatrical makeup and were associated with Hollywood makeup artists. Customers were the ones who first adopted Kleenex as a throwaway handkerchief.

According to descriptions from the 17th century, facial tissue known as washi or Japanese tissue has been utilised for ages in Japan.

Look out for new tissue boxes coming soon to Artisan furniture.

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    Gold Carved Brass Tissue Box
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    Bone Inlay Tissue Box
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    Resin and Wood Tissue Box
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    Butterfly Antique Tissue Box
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