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A vase is an open container. Numerous materials, including ceramics, glass, non-rusting metals, brass, bronze, or stainless steel, can be used to create it. Vases have been made in many various forms and styles throughout history, including in Chinese ceramics and Ancient Greece.
Vases are frequently adorned and used to hold cut flowers. Vases come in various sizes to support the flower that they are holding or securing.

The earliest civilization to use vases for ornamentation is said to have been the ancient Egyptians. In fact, the first instances of vases being used to hold flowers, as we do now, can be found in ancient Egypt. The form and style of these vases were, however, relatively simple. For instance, the first time a vase was used as a trophy was in Ancient Greece, when the champion of the Olympic Games was given an amphora filled with holy olive oil. Vases were additionally used as memorials in ancient Greece.

The right vase will help a flower arrangement keep its form for the most attractive display throughout your event, and it will help support blooms in the best position. Vases are items that have value in a person’s home, not merely financially but also emotionally. It can help also symbolise a happiness and can even be passed down through generations to represent some kind of family value. Vases are also a beautiful decorative piece that can help put you in a peaceful state of mind. It also helps to knit everything together to create a good vibe. They can be made both in a modern or classical feel helping to blend into the atmosphere of your home.

Planters are containers created to accommodate different kinds of live plants and enable the placement of the plants as part of the overall décor of a home or business. A planter can be as simple as a pot for one plant or as huge as a box-shaped structure that can accommodate multiple plants in comfort.

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