Dropship and Wholesale Cake Stands

Cake stands are a popular dropship and wholesale accessory in the home kitchen and cooking space simply due to their aesthetics, and the fact that they’re easy to store, package and transport. There’s no real need for a dedicated aluminium, wood or marble cake stand for the purpose of holding a cake. However, it does look excellent as a centrepiece of a living space and it adds a bit of sparkle to your table. The uses are endless as well, one can put cakes on the cake stand, use it as a bread holder and even put fruits here and cover it with the glass dome that’s becoming very popular.

Cake stands tend to most effective when they’re handmade by artisans using carving, polishing and lacquering techniques. These handcrafting techniques are popular in countries such as India and China where artisan hamlets use old techniques to make rugged accessories with clean lines and a smooth finish. There are a wide variety of woods available for wholesale and dropship as well such as mango, acacia and oak. These offer a combination of sheen, design and strength to different cake stands and ensure a varied customer experience.

The other type of handmade cake stands are the marble bottomed ones. These are much stronger than wooden cake stands but serve a more premium wholesale and dropship market. This is especially true for brick and mortar shops and small e-commerce sellers that cater to a specific niche, whether that be high end dropship clients like in this case or the affordable accessories area. Marble can have different patterns, swirls and colours deepening on its origin and polishing but the most popular one remains the brilliant white with few blemishes and marks.

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