Dropship and Wholesale Canisters and Jars

A stiff, cylindrical or slightly conical container known as a jar has a large mouth or opening that can be covered by a lid and is often constructed of glass, ceramic, or plastic. Foods and liquids can all be stored in jars if they are too large to be removed from them or the liquids are too viscous to be poured through the neck of a bottle.
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As you switch to using just glass containers, you can utilise jars to replace some of your plastic Tupperware containers. This makes everything seem more presentable and keeps everything safer.

A screw-threaded glass jar or bottle known as the Mason jar was created and patented in 1858 by tinsmith John Landis Mason of Vineland, New Jersey. Mason jars have gone through hundreds of forms and cap design changes since they were first patented in 1857 and up until the present.

The ideal method to give your kitchen flair and colour is with decorative kitchen canisters. Canisters can keep your counters tidy and organised whether you use them to hold tea and coffee, dry goods, spices, or tools.

Ceramic canisters are extremely robust and won’t lose their effectiveness over time. Furthermore, they are difficult to open keeping them safe from babies and young children.

Look out for new canisters and jars coming soon to Artisan furniture.

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