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A sturdy board used for cutting materials (usually cooking) is known as a chopping board. When making meals, the kitchen chopping board is frequently utilised. It can even be used for cutting raw materials like leather or plastic. There are numerous sorts.
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Kitchen cutting boards come in a variety of widths and sizes and are frequently constructed of wood or plastic. There are also glass cutting boards available, although despite being simple to clean, they could harm or dull a knife when used.

Due to its longevity, wood chopping boards are most frequently utilised in industrial kitchens. A robust board that is more resistant to warping and knife scratches is produced by the high-density mould. Cutting boards made of wood are the best since they are durable, self-healing, and as said above keep a knife edge sharp.

Conrad Boos, a mill owner from the Midwest, hacked down a local sycamore in 1887 to create a solid workbench for the neighbourhood blacksmith. The neighbourhood butcher noticed this piece’s efficiency soon after it was put to action supporting the weight of large blacksmithing equipment and asked for his own.

It is advised that you have at least two chopping boards: one for meat and one for anything else. This is for your safety. This way, cross-contamination risks are reduced.

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